An opportunity to Think Big next semester

To our faculty, staff and students:

As my first semester here draws to a close, one thought predominates: You have created an exceptional opportunity for Case Western Reserve.

In conversations, survey responses, and comments in meetings, you have conveyed an uncannily common message: You see amazing potential at this university, and are eager to be part of realizing it.

Nearly 2,200 of you completed strategic planning surveys, and more than 650 volunteered to serve on its committees. That level of engagement is extraordinary, and demands an approach that draws on all of the collective wisdom and enthusiasm it represents.

And so I write today to tell you about the new path we have chosen to chart the future of our campus. It offers everyone the chance to participate, and encourages all of us to bring our greatest creativity, ambition and insights to the endeavor.

We are calling this effort Think Big—and in all honesty, we are still working out some of the details of how the next five months will unfold. But then that's the challenge—and appeal—of building an entirely new model: There are no blueprints.

Below is a video that explains more about what will be happening next semester. You also can learn more on our website, (Single Sign-On required). I cannot wait to begin working with you.

Ben Vinson III
Executive Vice President and Provost