Seed Sprint Deadline 5 p.m. TODAY, and Thinker Applications

To Our Faculty, Staff and Students:

First, a huge thank you to the 150 people who applied to be members of the Thinkers group. This outpouring of interest both inspires and challenges: First, because it signals how much so many of you want to be part of shaping the university’s future in a significant way; and second because we want to find meaningful opportunities to keep those not chosen involved—we want, and need, everyone with such deep interest to be engaged fully in this process.

As noted previously, President’s Council members are evaluating and rating only the applicants’ responses to the two questions (no names or other information provided). Then Provost Ben Vinson III will select the final 10 to 12 members from the 25 applicants with the highest ratings (with names and other information provided included). Diversity—in all of its forms—will be a key part of his considerations. Our goal is to announce the Thinkers by Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Second, Seed Sprint applications are due at 5 p.m. today. To learn more about each of these categories and the application process, please see the Seed Sprint page of the Think Big website.

The evaluation process for the Seed Sprints will involve two members from each of the following groups (selected by the group named): Dean’s Council; Staff Advisory Council; Faculty Senate; Provost Advisory Council; Undergraduate Student Government; and Graduate Student Council. Provost Vinson will be involved only to break ties. The goal is to notify finalists by Wednesday, Jan. 23, with requests for additional information due Wednesday, Jan. 30.