Think Big Update

Welcome back! As people return to campus over the next several days, we want to let you know about upcoming opportunities to begin connecting with others on campus about possible Seed Sprint projects. Starting Wednesday, Jan. 9, and including every weekday through Wednesday, Jan 16, we will host one-hour meet-ups at sites around campus at noon and 5 p.m. The locations are as follows: 

  • Jan. 9: Noon and 5 p.m., Interactive Commons
  • Jan. 10: Noon, Kelvin Smith Library–Freedman center; 5 p.m. Interactive Commons
  • Jan. 11: Noon and 5 p.m., Interactive Commons
  • Jan. 14: Noon, Interactive Commons; 5 p.m., Sears think[box] second floor
  • Jan. 15: Noon, Kelvin Smith Library-Freedman Center; 5 p.m., Sears think[box] second floor
  • Jan. 16: Noon, Sears think[box] second floor, 5 p.m. Kelvin Smith Library-Freedman Center 

In addition, we have activated Workplace for Good, an online platform designed to allow people within organizations and companies to communicate with each other—whether one-on-one in a chat, within a specific group, or institution-wide. Workplace for Good is owned by Facebook, and some of its features will feel familiar. Nevertheless, the two products are separate, so your personal posts will not appear on Workplace or vice versa. In fact, you must use your email to join. You can find more details on our Join the Discussion page.

Remember, Seed Sprint applications are due Friday, Jan. 18.