Ways to Engage

The Think Big strategic planning process depends on broad engagement. Here's how YOU can get involved!

Ways to Engage

Think Big RFPs

These annual requests for proposals (RFPs) will focus on specific pathway objectives. The responses requested will be both operational and financial, as money alone will not move us along the pathways toward the North Star.

Think Big Seeds

These annual investments will build on lessons learned during the university’s 2018/19 pilot Seed Sprint program. The campus will be asked to respond to specific topics each year to help us advance along the pathways. Each, successfully awarded, six month engagement will test ideas that could serve as the foundation of larger RFPs, or help implement other changes or progress at the university.  Think Big Seeds will address specific topics, and if there is overlap in certain submissions, we will encourage teams to work together.

Think Big Alignment Plans

In order to build Think Big into the fabric of the institution, alignment plans will be developed by the Deans and VPs who report to the Provost. These alignment plans will provide leadership with the opportunity to consider how the North Star and pathways help each unit move forward and will help the university adjust priorities as needed each year.

Agora Prize

These new awards will focus on teams that break silos and create new and innovative ways of operating without additional costs.

Agora Leadership Roundtables

Leaders are found throughout an organization, in every office and at every level. These monthly roundtables are open to the entire CWRU community to learn and talk about external higher education trends and influences, and what it means for CWRU. These meetings will better empower all members of the CWRU community to be leaders and find ways to have greater impact.

Think Big Programs and Events

Programs and events will be developed to bring various groups together, enhance learning opportunities and engage in solution development—all while simultaneously building community, amplifying our North Star and encouraging discussion on key topic areas. 

Become a Reviewer

We wish to engage the community as reviewers of the annual RFP and Seed programs. Please complete this short questionnaire to be entered into our reviewer database.

Find Us on CampusGroups

To spur discussion and open communication, Case Western Reserve is using the online platform CampusGroups. Join us on CampusGroups to hear what people are saying, and join the conversation. Visit the Office of the Provost page to get involved.