PCB Router

Printed Circuit board machine

⚠️ Please note: Our PCB Services are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. (As of  2/2/22)

If your project requires the creation of a printed circuit board (PCB), the Sears think[box] team is here to help. Take advantage of our PCB routing services and tutorials.

How to Start 

  1. To begin, review the PCB services guidelines.
  2. Prepare your design using your preferred electronics design software. (Not sure how? Find resources to help you learn to use electronics design software). 
  3. Create a copper pour on the top and bottom layers of your design. This is good practice and helps us make your PCBs faster.
  4. Download the PCB services CAM file.
  5. Run a Design Rule Check (DRC) using the PCB Services CAM File.
  6. Export Gerber Files for the top copper layer, bottom copper layer, drill holes, and board outline of your PCB. These are the files that will be run on the machine. Need help? Review the PCB services guidelines.
  7. Review your Gerber Files to ensure each file is properly named and appears correct and not mirrored. You can review your Gerber Files online.
  8. Multiply the bounding area of your design by the service pricing to calculate the cost of a single PCB. Multiply that cost by the quantity for the total order cost. More information can be found on our PCB services pricing document.
  9. Order your PCBs using the PCB services order form. Please order each PCB separately. You will receive an email confirmation when we receive your order. 
  10. Complete payment for your order. You will receive further information on how to do this based on the details of your order. 
  11. Wait for an email notification that your PCBs are ready. The expected turnaround time for one order is three to five business days. You may watch your parts’ progress with our PCB Services Public Queue.
  12. Come to Sears think[box] within 30 days of receiving the email notification to pick up and pay for your PCBs.

Materials and Supplies

PCBs are produced using 1 ounce copper-clad FR4 that is single or double sided and nominally 1/16 inches (1.6 millimeters) thick. 

T-Tech QC-J5 Technical Information

  • Maximum PCB Dimensions: 11 x 8 inches (279 x 203 millimeters)
  • Minimum Trace/Space: 0.0156 inches (0.4 millimeters)