Incorporating Design Thinking in the Classroom to Facilitate Learning Experiences

Date Released: 28 September 2017

Note new session time is 11:30-12:45 (this session is 75 minutes)

During this session, Fehmida Kapadia (EBME, MEM) will present a workshop based on her 2017 Nord Grant.  The Nord Grant program is a special UCITE initiative designed to fund innovative faculty projects that directly benefit student learning or indirectly benefit students through faculty development.

Dr. Kapadia's Nord Grant was used to attend Stanford’s Teaching and Learning Studio workshop on Design Thinking.  

Design Thinking is a methodology that uses logic, imagination, and systemic reasoning to find the most efficient solutions to complex problems. Faculty can use this methodology with their students to increase engagement; improve critical and collaborative thinking; and foster an understanding of the real-world implications of their education.  

In her interactive workshop, Dr. Kapadia will provide strategies for faculty to apply Design Thinking in their course development. Participants will walk away with tips for using creative practices to meet course outcomes and designing a curriculum that fits the needs of both students and faculty.

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