Mid-semester Retooling: A Workshop

Before the semester begins, we can prepare a course syllabus, develop assignments, and select readings. However, those carefully crafted plans may unfold differently than expected depending on the personalities, needs, and group dynamic of our students. Therefore, as midterm approaches, it may be time to pause and assess the progress and direction of the course. For instance, we might ask questions to guide the reflection process:

  • Are things going as planned?
  • Did I schedule too much reading?
  • Have I omitted something important from the course schedule?
  • Are class discussions revealing unexpected areas of interest and debate among my students?
  • Has an experiential learning opportunity arisen that would expand students’ perspectives?
  • Do my students need more time than I had anticipated to absorb the course material?

A frank assessment of the “state of the class” at midterm can lead to schedule changes that respond to students’ evolving needs and help them meet the course outcomes.

During this UCITE event, Barbara Burgess-Van Aken, Teaching Fellow and Group Process Facilitator, will lead a workshop on how to assess and retool your course design and schedule at midterm. We will focus on revisiting key course goals as a basis for reprioritizing assignments and class activities. This is a hands-on workshop. Bring your syllabus and be prepared to share your experiences and ideas.

  Please join us for this session on Thursday, October 11, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. in the Herrick Room, which is on the ground floor of the Allen Building (at the corner of Euclid and Adelbert) immediately on the left if you enter through the Euclid Avenue revolving door.

A pizza lunch will be provided during this session. To help us estimate the amount to order, please let us know if you plan to attend this session by sending a message to ucite@case.edu.