Re-tooling Your Syllabus

Date Released: 2 June 2017

How many times have we had ideas mid-semester about how we might change a course the next time we teach it? But then, as the new semester approaches, we get busy and decide to keep the syllabus as it is with only minor tweaks. 

With several months of summer ahead of us, this UCITE session will allow us to re-think our syllabi at the perfect time -- when the problems of the class we just taught are still fresh yet the pressure of having to make course re-design issues is off. 

This interactive workshop will offer strategies for re-tooling a syllabus, drawing on Edmund Hansen's concept of backward course design, and will offer participants an opportunity to reboot an old syllabus or focus a new one. Bring a syllabus to work on!

Please join us for this discussion from 12:00 - 1:00PM this Friday, June 2, in the Herrick Room, which is on the ground floor of the Allen building (at the corner of Adelbert and Euclid). Pizza lunch and sodas will be provided at this session. 

To help us estimate the amount to order, please let us know if you plan to attend this session by sending a message to