Dynamic Texts Collaborative, Freedman + UCITE

The Dynamic Texts collaborative initiative between UCITE and the Freedman Center provides faculty with an opportunity to develop dynamic teaching materials. The primary goal of this initiative is to better facilitate student understanding of course content and course learning goals. Faculty are invited to apply for a 8-week series of interactive workshops designed to guide the creation of course materials that can help integrate CWRU’s digital tools and resources.  Possible products of this initiative might include assisting faculty in the development of integrative course packets, exercises, tutorials, and supplements to current texts.  

Outcomes for Faculty participants:

  • participate in activities that will develop their ability to identify course goals and the construction of effective materials
  • develop strategies to improve student understanding of the course materials
  • learn techniques for incorporating digital tools in course materials
  • create an actual digital or physical product that can be used in their courses.  

Ultimately, we intend for faculty participants to become better-equipped to help their students achieve learning goals by providing materials that may not be obtainable through traditional sources, and that can be tailored to the specific course . 

The Dynamic Texts initiative is organized into 2 sections, in an effort to develop the materials for classroom use.

The first session is designed to identify course goals, learning objectives, and strategies to develop the course materials.  

The second session is designed to introduce faculty to the digital tools used in creating their materials, and to integrate them into the final product.   

Faculty who successfully complete the program receive a $1,500.00 grant to be used for assistance in product development. 


To apply for this initiative, please complete the following form by September 1, 2019.