GTA Mentor TAs

The Mentor TA team plans the Graduate TA Training program. The facilitation includes arriving early to help to organize the venue and sign in participants. Facilitation involves leading small and large groups during the discussion phase of a training. The team meets weekly the first month of the fall and spring semesters and then bi-weekly. 

Each Mentor TA is assigned an additional responsibility, which involves assisting the Assistant Director of the Graduate Teaching Assistant Training Program. These responsibilities include one of the following:

  1. Assist with improving the TA manual and International TA Manual
  2. Provide summaries of the student evaluations
  3. Maintain the webinar
  4. Teach UNIV 402

The Mentor TA's are paid a stipend over a period of ten months.

The Mentor TA's report to the Associate Director of Spoken English Programs.

Becoming a Mentor TA

We're looking for dedicated graduate students who are interested in facilitating training seminars and helping to keep the graduate TA training program running smoothly and effectively.  Interested applicants should print out the Mentor TA application, linked below, and submit the application to via email to Elise Geither (