Final Exams and Reading Days

students sitting around square tables

Final examinations normally are required in all courses and must be given during the final examination period at the time assigned by the Registrar; they may not be given during the final week of classes or on Reading Days. Any exception must be approved by the dean of undergraduate studies.

No student will be required to take more than two final examinations on a single day. A student who has three final examinations scheduled for a single day should go to the Office of Undergraduate Studies and obtain the assistance of the dean in arranging to take one of those examinations on an alternative day during the final examination period. Similarly, a student with conflicting examinations should seek the assistance of the dean of undergraduate studies in arranging to have the time of one examination changed.

A student must explain immediately and in writing to the dean of undergraduate studies an absence from a final examination. If the explanation is acceptable, the dean will authorize the assignment of the grade Incomplete and the administration of a make-up examination by the instructor. In the event of an unexcused absence from a final examination, the instructor should assign the student a final grade that assumes a grade of zero on the final examination and is consistent with the grading policy established for the course.