Scholarship Retention Criteria

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Students who are awarded scholarships based on academic achievement or potential by Case Western Reserve University are expected to perform at an appropriate academic level and maintain good conduct in the community. These scholarships will be automatically renewed each semester, provided that the student meets the retention criteria established for their scholarship at the time of the initial award.

Full-Tuition (Andrew Squire, Albert W. Smith, and Alexander Treuhaft), University, Michelson-Morley STEM, and Bolton Scholarships

The academic records of scholarship recipients are ordinarily reviewed at the end of each semester. To have a scholarship renewed for the following semester, the student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

In exceptional cases, Academic Standing Board will continue a scholarship for a student whose achievement or whose attendance does not meet the standards outlined above.  It is the student's responsibility to write to the Academic Standing Board, c/o the Office of Undergraduate Studies, within 7 business days of the end of the exam period each semester to request special consideration for continuation of a scholarship. This appeal should inform the committee of any special circumstances which may have affected performance and/or attendance during the preceding academic semester, provide any relevant documentation, and describe a plan for how academic performance will be improved in the future.

Students who lose their scholarships because of unsatisfactory academic or disciplinary standing will have their scholarships automatically reinstated at the start of the next semester if they return to good standing. Such students lose a semester of scholarship eligibility for each semester that they fail to achieve good standing; that is, students will not receive these scholarships while on probation or during their first semester back from an academic separation, and the maximum number of semesters for which they can receive their scholarships will be reduced.

Other Scholarships Awarded by Case Western Reserve University

Recipients of scholarships other than the ones listed above should refer to their scholarship award letter for specific scholarship retention criteria. 


A student who meets the standards for scholarship retention may receive scholarship assistance for no more than eight semesters of full-time undergraduate study (less any semesters lost due to falling out of good academic or disciplinary standing, as described above). The scholarship is awarded for full-time enrollment in regular (fall and spring) semesters.

A scholarship recipient who does a complete withdrawal during a semester will have used up a semester of scholarship eligibility, but will be eligible to receive the scholarship again when they next enroll, provided that their leave of absence does not last more than one semester (as described below). If a scholarship recipient completes a bachelor’s degree in fewer than eight semesters of full-time study at Case Western Reserve University, the scholarship will be terminated upon completion of the degree.

In the eighth semester (or in the final semester for a student completing the bachelor’s degree in fewer than eight semesters), a recipient may request permission for part-time enrollment with pro-rated scholarship support if completion of the degree does not require full-time enrollment in that final semester. 

Semesters spent participating in the Cooperative Education Program or on a leave of absence are not counted against a student's eight full-time semesters of scholarship eligibility.

Leave of Absence Policy

A scholarship recipient may take a one-semester leave of absence during the student’s undergraduate career and put their scholarship “on hold” for reactivation upon the student’s return to Case Western Reserve University. Requests for a one semester leave of absence must be submitted in advance to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Requests for leaves of absence longer than one semester must be submitted to the Academic Standing Board and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

A scholarship is automatically terminated upon a student's transfer to another institution or upon permanent separation from the university.