Majors and Minors

General Bulletin

Choose a major or minor based on career goals or personal interests.


All students must complete the requirements of a major field of study. A major ordinarily includes a program of 10 or more courses. For more information, visit the Declaring a Major or Minor page.


A minor concentration requires no fewer than 15 credit-hours and normally requires no more than 18 credit-hours. With the exception of minors offered by the Case School of Engineering, students must earn a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 for all courses taken to satisfy minor requirements and for which grades are averaged. Transfer students who wish to complete a minor must complete at Case Western Reserve University at least half the requirements for the minor.

Minors are not required. Students have the option of completing a minor in a discipline other than the major. The successful completion of a minor will be indicated on a student's transcript.