Course Registration: July 11-14, 2017

By the time registration opens July 11, you should have already reviewed the preparatory information and filled your Shopping Cart. Registration for first-year students will be open July 11 (9 a.m. EDT) through July 14 (11:59 p.m. EDT). During this time, you are expected to register for all courses you plan to take during fall semester, with the exception of First Seminar (a separate process explained here). After the registration period closes, your schedule will be reviewed by a staff member in Undergraduate Studies and you will be contacted by July 28 if there are any questions or concerns about your schedule.

Should you change your mind about your schedule after July 14 you will have the opportunity to make changes during new student orientation and throughout the first two weeks of the semester during the drop/add period. You will also meet individually with your first-year advisor during new student orientation to review your schedule again.

Please keep in mind the following when preparing to register for fall semester.

Create a balanced schedule

Before you make decisions about specific courses on your schedule, again consider these recommendations:

  • Balance the types of courses that comprise your schedule: Try to avoid putting together five heavy reading classes, three math courses or three lab courses all in the same semester. Look for courses that offer you variety in terms of topics, teaching methodology and types of requirements.
  • The greater interest you have in the courses that you are taking, the more likely you are to be successful.
  • Balance the times of courses that comprise your schedule: Most courses meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 50 minutes or Tuesdays and Thursdays 75 minutes. It is not recommended to take all of your classes on only Tuesday and Thursday or only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The more that you spread out your courses, the more breaks and flexibility you will have with your schedule. Also, you will avoid long days that leave you feeling exhausted and unable to study.
  • Keep in mind the recommended schedule consists of 14-17 credit-hours, though some majors require slightly more. Do not feel obligated to take more hours than are recommended in the first-year schedule development recommendations for your major(s).

Carefully select your courses

You will be selecting at most three to four academic credit-bearing courses normally totaling 10-13 semester hours. (Once First Seminar is added, your schedule will total 14-17 credit-hours, though some majors may require slightly more.) You should also be identifying some alternate course options in case of time conflicts or course availability issues. We are incredibly successful at getting students into the courses that they need. As previously stated, it is important that you remain flexible in this process and have alternate courses identified in advance of registration so that changes to your projected schedule can be made if necessary. You will have the option to request enrollment in a closed course via the New Student Checklist if necessary, though these requests are not guaranteed to be approved. Requests made for courses required for a student’s intended major will be given priority.

The course registration process continues throughout the first two weeks of the semester (drop/add period) and schedule adjustments can be made throughout that time as needed. The curriculum is also flexible enough to allow for a variety of scheduling options for students across all academic areas of interest. If your schedule has courses that are offered at only one day and/or time, you should lock those into your schedule first and then move to other courses that are offered at more than one day and/or time.

If available, students should enroll in a physical education (PHED) course. However, it is not required that a student take a PHED course in his or her first semester. Physical education courses count as zero credit-hours. Varsity athletes participating in a fall sport should register for that course.