Selecting a General Education Course

In addition to the seminars taken as part of the SAGES program, all students, regardless of major, will take a number of general education courses to fulfill breadth requirements as part of their undergraduate degrees. While the breadth requirements across the College of Arts and Sciences, the Case School of Engineering, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, and the Weatherhead School of Management are very similar, some specifics vary by school. When beginning the process of selecting a general education course, students should refer to the appropriate page in this guide to review the breadth requirements of the school through which their intended or likely major is offered. Even if you are unsure about a major, it should not be hard to identify courses that will apply flexibly regardless of eventual major.

Students with any previous course credit (AP, IB, or college-level) should review the specific course credit that will be awarded and how this may be applied toward meeting general education breadth requirements, (though students often take additional courses in breadth areas as electives).

Depending on the breadth category, either a specific set of courses or a set of subject areas will be listed as fulfilling that requirement. For example, in the College of Arts and Sciences, a limited number of specific courses can be taken to fulfill the quantitative reasoning requirement. However, ANY course within the subject areas listed in the Arts and Humanities section may satisfy that requirement. This means that any three- or four-credit-hour ARTH course for which a student has credit, regardless of level, may count toward fulfilling the Arts and Humanities requirement.