University Physical Education Requirement and Varsity Athletics

Two semesters of physical education are required for graduation. This is a noncredit university requirement.

Each student may select the particular activities s/he wishes from the selections listed below. Full semester courses have 100-level numbers (e.g. PHED 130 – Wellness). Activities with numbers below 100 are half semester activities (e.g. PHED 10A - Cardio Games). Activities offered during the first half of the semester have an (A) after the number. Activities offered during the second half of the semester have a (B) after the number. Varsity athletes should register for the varsity sport course that corresponds to their sport. (Spartan Marching Band, if taken for zero credit-hours, may be used to fulfill the physical education requirement.)

First-Year students should try to include PHED courses in their fall schedules, if available. Keep in mind it is recommended—not required—for your first semester. Selection of your academic courses should be completed first. Most activities are offered at a variety of times and days.

Varsity athletics

Students interested in participating in varsity athletics should communicate with a member of the coaching staff prior to registration. Contact information for coaches can be found on the specific team page at

Students participating in varsity athletics may use one year of varsity activity to fulfill one semester of the physical education requirement per year. All varsity sports teams meet Monday through Friday, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. and/or as arranged.

PHED 170 – Varsity Baseball (spring)
PHED 171 – Varsity Basketball (men)
PHED 172 – Varsity Basketball (women)
PHED 174 – Varsity Cross Country (men)
PHED 175 – Varsity Cross Country (women)
PHED 178 – Varsity Football
PHED 180 – Varsity Soccer (men)
PHED 181 – Varsity Soccer (women)
PHED 182 – Varsity Swimming (men)
PHED 183 – Varsity Swimming (women)
PHED 184 – Varsity Tennis (men, spring)
PHED 185 – Varsity Tennis (women, spring)
PHED 186 – Varsity Track & Field (men, spring)
PHED 187 – Varsity Track & Field (women, spring)
PHED 188 – Varsity Volleyball
PHED 189 – Varsity Wrestling
PHED 190 – Varsity Softball (women, spring)

Music and music education majors

MUDE 101 – Eurhythmics
Music majors only; two semesters required for music and music education majors.

Nursing majors

NURS 277 – BCLS and First Aid for Health Care Providers
Counts as one half-semester of credit.

Full-semester activities

PHED 108 – Fencing (all levels)
PHED 130 – Wellness
PHED 131 – Personal Fitness
PHED 141 – Dance
DANC 386 – Rehearsal and Performance (instructor consent required)
MUEN 384 – Spartan Marching Band (can be taken as zero or one credit-hour)
If taken as part of the physical education requirement, must be taken for zero credit-hours. Students do not have to be music or music education majors.

First-half-semester (A) activities

Aug. 28 – Oct. 20, 2017

PHED 10A – Cardio Games
PHED 21A – Hatha Yoga
PHED 22A – Intermediate Hatha Yoga
PHED 25A – Power Volleyball
PHED 26A – Racquetball
PHED 27A – Indoor Group Cycling
PHED 29A –Swimming - Beginning and Intermediate
PHED 30A – Swimming – Endurance
PHED 31A – Tennis
PHED 34A – Weight Training
PHED 39A – Bowling
PHED 41A - Softball
PHED 44A – Core Yoga
PHED 50A – Personal Safety Awareness
PHED 55A – Cardio-Fitness
PHED 60A – CPR/First Aid
PHED 66A - Advanced Rowing

Second-half-semester (B) activities

Oct. 25 – Dec. 8, 2017

PHED 10B – Cardio Games
PHED 12B – Badminton
PHED 13B – Rock Wall Climbing
PHED 14B – Indoor Rowing
PHED 21B – Hatha Yoga
PHED 22B – Intermediate Hatha Yoga
PHED 24B – Jogging
PHED 25B – Power Volleyball
PHED 26B – Racquetball
PHED 27B – Indoor Group Cycling
PHED 29B – Beginning and Intermediate Swimming
PHED 34B – Weight Training
PHED 40B – Basketball
PHED 42B – Indoor Soccer
PHED 44B – Core Yoga
PHED 50B – Personal Safety Awareness
PHED 55B – Cardio-Fitness
PHED 60B – CPR/First Aid