Health-related Student Organizations

Pre-professional Organizations

American Medical Student Association

Contact: Nimi Gupta, President

AMSA is a national organization that strives to support and enhance the pre-health experience for its members. AMSA aims to provide its members with useful and valuable information and to supply opportunities to participate in various volunteer activities as well as to build relationships with professors, medical students, and other fellow premedical students. AMSA’s goal is to educate students about the dynamic health-care environment and to ensure that students have meaningful and rewarding experiences during their pre-health years at CWRU.

Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Society

Contact: Natalie Doe, President

The DHW Pre-Medical Society exists to provide networking opportunities for pre-med students. DHW also works to facilitate volunteer experiences, mentoring experiences with CWRU's medical students, and many other opportunities that are beneficial to pre-meds.

Phi Delta Epsilon

Contact: Nishant Uppal, President

Phi Delta Epsilon is an international medical fraternity whose purpose is to mold and create the well-rounded physicians of tomorrow. Phi Delta Epsilon seeks to create a family of future physicians that fosters opportunities to provide meaningful connections and lifetime commitment. In short, Phi Delta Epsilon is a medical family that supports pre-medical students’ success.

Pre-Dental Society

Contact: Rachel Harris, President

The Pre-Dental Society’s goal as an organization is to provide members with the necessary amount of information needed to prepare for dental school. This is done by bringing in speakers from CWRU's dental school, Kaplan, and the Armed Forces. The older members of our club are a valuable resource for underclassmen in regards to what classes to take, and how to manage time between school, DAT prep, and shadowing.

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The Pre-PA club is an organization dedicated to educating the CWRU campus about the Physician Assistant occupation. The organization provides students networking opportunities with other students and current Physician Assistants. Furthermore, the Pre-PA club provides information about how to prepare for and apply to PA schools in order to be a strong applicant.

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

Contact: Claire Holliday, President

The Pre-veterinary Medical Association is open to anyone interested in animals, not just pre-veterinary students. PVMA’s goal is to promote animal welfare by volunteering at local animal shelters and other animal-based organizations in the Cleveland area.

Health Advocacy and Interest Organizations

American Mock World Health Organization

Contact: Anjlee Panjwani, President

The American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO) is a mock simulation of the World Health Assembly. AMWHO aims to foster discussion and awareness of public health policies on major issues around the world. Through AMWHO, students will have the opportunity to attend speaker series, workshops, and the annual regional conference. AMWHO is a great way to not only truly engage in these healthcare policies but also a way for undergraduate students to network with graduate students and professionals of these major public health issues.

Advocates for Cleveland Health

Contact: Anupama Cemballi, President

Advocates for Cleveland Health is dedicated to benefiting the Cleveland community through public health education, student education, and medical screening services against various health issues. A4CH provides low-income and uninsured citizens in the Cleveland community with a free medical screening, and individuals at risk for disease are referred to free clinics for follow up appointments. All screening services are established and operated by premed undergraduate students from Case Western Reserve University and overseen by a licensed professional.

Case for Sight

Contact: Erlein Tacastacas, President

Case For Sight’s mission is to not only raise awareness of preventable blindness on our campus, but to also make a profound impact in our local community by training volunteers to serve and establish programs that prevent blindness and educate the public about these issues. Through partnership with international, national, and local non-profit organizations, our vision is to make our campus aware of the problems that blindness causes both locally and globally and to empower students to serve in our local community, helping those who suffer needlessly from blindness to live better lives.

Global Medical Brigades

Contact: Keira Leaich, President

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led health and sustainable development organization with varied membership that spans North American and European universities. Through Global Brigades, student and professional volunteers empower communities in developing countries with sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and environment, while respecting local culture. CWRU Global Brigades will take an annual Brigade to Honduras, Nicaragua, or Panama while also communicating Global Health awareness on our campus and in the Cleveland Community.

Operation Smile

Contact: Brenna Harrington, President

The CWRU chapter of Operation Smile seeks to fundraise and to raise awareness of the national Operation Smile organization's mission to provide free surgeries to children born with various craniofacial deformities. Each year, all fundraised money is donated to the national organization.

Shadowing Case by Case

Contact: Chang Yoon Doh, President

Shadowing Case by Case facilitates shadowing opportunities at University Hospital for those interested in gaining an inside look at various medical professions.

Undergraduate Bioethics Society

Contact: Noah McGreal, President

The Undergraduate Bioethics Society is a student-run organization that fosters bioethics education outside the classroom. Society activities include bioethics debate, undergraduate publishing, conference planning, career and internship planning, and social events. The Bioethics Society welcomes students from all academic disciplines.