Weatherhead School of Management General Education Requirements (Effective Fall 2020)

All undergraduates at Case Western Reserve must complete the SAGES Program and the Physical Education requirement, in addition to school-specific general education requirements based on the school of his or her major.

Course credit earned by Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, proficiency examinations, and transfer credit may be used to satisfy Weatherhead School of Management general education requirements.

General Education Requirements

(minimum of seven three- or four-credit-hour courses, totaling at least 22 credit-hours)

NOTE: Two courses used to fulfill requirements for the major also may be used to fulfill the breadth requirements.

Arts and Humanities (six to eight credit-hours)

Two three- or four-credit-hour courses selected from:

  • Akkadian (AKKD)
  • Ancient Near East and Egyptian Studies (ANEE)
  • Arabic (ARAB)
  • Art History (ARTH)
  • Art Studio (ARTS)
  • Chinese (CHIN)
  • Classics (CLSC)
  • Dance (DANC)
  • English (ENGL)
  • French (FRCH)
  • German (GRMN)
  • Greek (GREK)
  • Hebrew (HBRW)
  • History (HSTY)
  • Italian (ITAL)
  • Japanese (JAPN)
  • Latin (LATN)
  • Linguistics (LING)
  • Music – General (MUGN)
  • Music – History (MUHI)
  • Music – Theory (MUTH)
  • Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Portuguese (PORT)
  • Religious Studies (RLGN)
  • Russian (RUSN)
  • Spanish (SPAN)
  • Theater (THTR)
  • World Literature (WLIT)

Natural and Mathematical Sciences (10-12 credit-hours)

  1. MATH 125
  2. Any two three- or four-credit-hour Natural Science courses selected from:
  • Astronomy (ASTR)
  • Biochemistry (BIOC)
  • Biology (BIOL)
  • Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences (EEPS)
  • Nutrition (NTRN)
  • Physics (PHYS)

Social Sciences (six credit-hours)

Any two three-credit-hour social sciences courses except ECON 102 or ECON 1031 selected from:

  • Anthropology (ANTH)
  • Cognitive Science (COGS)
  • Communication Sciences (COSI)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Political Science (POSC)
  • Psychology (PSCL)
  • Sociology (SOCI)

1ECON 102 and 103 are included in accounting, business management, finance, and marking major requirements, as well as the requirements for a WSOM dean’s approved major.