Academic Advisement Report

Requesting Class Exceptions

Use a Special Request (Petition) form for special exception to a regulation or curriculum requirement.

What is an Academic Advisement Report?

An Academic Advisement Report is a component of the Student Information System (SIS). It matches courses a student has taken with the requirements of a particular degree program and enables the student to answer: What do I have to complete to graduate? Have I met my graduation requirements? The report does not replace written information such as the Handbook for Undergraduate Students, the General Bulletin, and other departmental documents which explain programs and procedures. Rather it is a tool to assist in the advising process.

Your Academic Advisement Report

Look at your own Advisement Report
In your senior year, you will need proof of your eligibility to graduate as indicated by your Advisement Report. To view your report, sign in to SIS, select Academic Requirements in the "other academic" drop-down box, and click the Go button.

Run a what-if report
If you wish to explore the requirements of other majors and/or minors, select the What-if Report option in the drop-down box, click the Go button, and follow the instructions to run a variety of requirements against your coursework.


Whom do I contact for corrections?
If your Advisement Report requires a correction, complete the Academic Advisement Report Substitution Form to obtain approval from the appropriate department for the following changes:

  1. Course substitutions in major/minor requirements must be approved by the major/minor advisor.
  2. Satisfied requirements not properly noted on the report should be brought to the attention of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears Building 447, or
  3. The requirement term for your academic program, which is the year you entered CWRU, may be changed to a later date but must be consistent between the major and core or general education requirements.