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Arts & Humanities

Media contact: Daniel Robison, 216-368-6515, daniel.robison@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Henry Adams Art authentication, American art, Thomas Hart Benton, Dale Chihuly, Andrew Wyeth
Tim Beal Religion in America, the Bible, Book of Revelation
Erin Benay Italian painting and visual culture of the early modern period, Renaissance and Baroque art, sensory perception, gender issues, and devotional art, the history of science and art
Sophie Benn Ballet, American social dance, body cultures, notation, historical anatomy, performance
Paul Ferguson Jazz music
Gary Galbraith Dance: choreography, technology, wellness
Lisa Koops Music: early childhood education, world music in education, philosophy of music education
Nate Kruse Music cognition and learning, vernacular music, classroom guitar, adult music education and lifespan learning
Eunyoung Park Global contemporary visual culture, globalization effects on contemporary East Asian art and Western modern and contemporary art
Lihong Shi China's birth-control policies, reproductive politics, family and gender relations, reproductive choice, family change, sex ratio imbalance in China
Holly Witchey Cleveland history, philanthropy, arts, and culture

Economy & Business

Media contact: Daniel Robison, 216-368-6515, daniel.robison@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Lee Blazey Taxation, accounting, political subdivision finances
Lakshmi Balasubramanyan  Fintech, blockchain, economic efficiency, bank regulation, corporate finance, credit risk
Alan Dowling Health/medical informatics, health information technology
Steven Feldman China, tariffs, trade
Michael Goldberg Entrepreneurship, early-stage finance, small business development, start-ups
Anurag Gupta Banking regulation, global macro-economics, financial markets, monetary policy, economic policy
Susan Helper Manufacturing, innovation, globalization
Thomas King Accounting, healthcare accounting, financial forecasts, investor relations
Casey Newmeyer Marketing, branding, brand relationships, consumer behavior
R.L. Shankar Blockchain, A.I., machine learning, financial risk management
Daniel Shoag Industrial and Rust Belt economics, macroeconomics, public policy, public finance, retail
Roman Sheremeta Behavioral economics, game theory, microeconomics, negotiations
Mark Sniderman General economic conditions, economic outlook, monetary policy
John Paul Stephens Organizational psychology/behavior and aesthetics, mindfulness/attention, negotiations and bargaining


Media contact: Mike Scott, 216-368-1004, mike.scott@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Rigoberto Advincula Oil and gas energy
Rohan Akolkar  Batteries
Eric Baer Batteries
Laura Bruckman Solar energy
Liming Dai Energy storage, fuel cell conversion, 
Mark De Guire Oil and gas energy
Roger French Solar energy
Mario Garcia-Sanz Energy innovation
YeongAe Heo Oil and gas energy
Kenneth Loparo Power grid, electricity market, batteries, solar energy
Soumyajit Mandal Oil and gas energy
David Matthiessen Wind energy
Marija “Maya” Prica Microgrid, power grid, electricity market
John Protasiewicz Batteries
Mohan Sankaran Fuel cell conversion, ammonia
Bob Savinell     Fuel cell conversion, batteries
Beverly Saylor Oil and gas energy
Dan Scherso Batteries
David Schiraldi Oil and gas energy, fire suppression
Jesse Wainwright Fuel cell conversion, batteries
David Zeng Wind energy
Lei Zhu Batteries
Ica Manas-Zloczower Wind energy

Health & Medicine

Media contact: Bill Lubinger, 216-368-4443, william.lubinger@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Celeste Alfes Medical simulation, medical helicopters
Eben Alsberg Tissue engineering, biomaterials, drug delivery
Anita Aminoshariae Opioids, opioids/opiates in dentistry, adverse effects of smoking
Lyla Blake-Gumbs Nutrition for disease risk reduction; obesity and cancer risk; mindfulness-based stress reduction; environmental toxin reduction
Ronald Blanton Global health parasitic diseases; viral diseases; diseases of low-income countries
Barbara Daly End-of-life care, critical care
Rebecca Darrah Genetics, genome counseling
Michael J. Decker Sleep medicine, effects of sleep loss on decision-making and other function
Mary Dolansky Medical errors, nursing leadership
Evelyn Duffy Aging
Joyce Fitzpatrick Nursing Profession, nursing leadership
Scott Frank Public health and health systems (including the Affordable Care Act); health equity and social justice violence as a public health issue; community health assessment; adolescent health
Darcy Freedman Food access, food security, healthy food retail, obesity, community nutrition
Faye Gary Children's mental health, health disparities, issues in nursing education, community mental health
Charles Halbeck Medical anthropology, systems of inequity in medical programs
Ronald Hickman End-of-life decisions, technology based medicine, nursing
Karen Horowitz General internal medicine, access to care, health care reform
Vanessa Hildebrand Reproductive health, women's health
Irena Kennely     Infectious diseases
Leena Khaitan Obesity, obesity management, gastroesophageal reflux disease, patient wellness
Bruce Latimer  Evolution
Lynn Lotas Lead poisoning in children
Susan Ludington Breastfeeding, “kangaroo care”
Debra Leizman General internal medicine, medical education
Donald Mann Problem-based learning, IQ
Susan Mazanec  End-of-life decisions, patient decisions
Maureen McEnery Separation of church and state; global warming; importance of science education in society; role of female leadership in medicine and medical education
Shirley Moore Patient/family self-care of chronic illnesses, the science of behavior change
Carol Musil Caregiving and family care issues, intergenerational relationships (especially grandmothers raising grandchildren due to drugs, parents' incarceration, mental-health issues)
Goutham Narla General internal medicine; medical genetics; care of high-risk cancer patients; drug discovery and development; experimental therapeutics
Tej Kumar Pareek Public health, business management, biomedical research
Leena Palomo      Postmenopause, periodontics 
Martin Palomo Sleep disordered breathing
Pushpa Pandiyan Antibiotics, oral health
Rebecca M. Patton Health care, Affordable Care Act (helped draft the legislation as president of the American Nurses Association)
Tamara Randall Nutrition, diabetes, public health
Ali Syed Community health, community dentistry
Joachim Voss Long-term management of people living with HIV, workforce-related issues in HIV and evidence-based practice
Allison R. Webel Living well with HIV, HIV self-management
Jaclene Zauszniewski     Technology dependent children


Media contact: Daniel Robison, 216-368-6515, daniel.robison@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
John Grabowski History of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio; editor of the online edition of The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History; strong knowledge of the GOP in Cleveland from the 1850s to mid-20th century
Kenneth Ledford German history, politics, social security network and legal system
Luke Reader Brexit, general British history, British Labour Party, internationalism, imperialism, present-day conflict between democracy and authoritarian populism, general contemporary history
Renee Sentilles American history, American women's history


Media contact: Colin McEwen, 216-368-4442, colin.mcewen@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Jonathan Adler Constitutional law; environmental law; Supreme Court judicial nominations; regulatory law and policy; conservative politics
Mike Benza Criminal law and sentencing; criminal justice, incarceration, and reentry
Jaime Bouvier Food policy, land-use law, civil rights
Juscelino Colares Climate change; federal courts and procedure; environmental law; international trade law
Avidan Cover Civil rights; race and American law; police excessive force; counter-terrorism interrogation; detention; drone policy; Iran nuclear agreement; international law
Jonathan Entin Constitutional law; the Supreme Court; civil rights and civil liberties; regulatory issues
Benjamin Faller Community development, public interest, blight remediation and land use, landlord and tenant law, local building/housing/zoning/health code compliance and enforcement, and housing law generally
Richard Gordon Money laundering and terrorism finance, comparative corporate governance, South Asia law, international tax, sovereign debt, tax administration and IMF/World Bank
Ayesha Bell Hardaway Social justice, health law, criminal law, constitutional law, best practices in policing, intersection of race and the law 
Jessie Hill Constitutional law, law and religion, reproductive rights, civil rights, back-up on employment dis-crimination, can speak to Constitutional law issues related to same-sex marriage
Shannon French Military ethics
Christian Grostic Civil litigation; criminal law and sentencing; criminal justice, incarceration, and reentry; Supreme Court and federal appellate courts
Sharona Hoffman Health law; health information technology; aging issues; employment discrimination issues, including discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, sex, age, and disability; sexual harassment
Judith Lipton Human trafficking law
Craig Marvinney Relationship of Ohio to national political scene; Greater Cleveland history
Laura McNally-Levine Public interest, health law, disability law
Maxwell Mehlman Healthcare law, ethics, and policy
Craig Nard Patent law, intellectual property, marijuana law
Andrew Pollis Legal issues arising from campaign platform and disturbances at the convention that could lead to legal challenges, such as protesters
Michael Scharf Foreign relations, national security, international law
Marvin Sicherman Bankruptcy, commercial law
Maya Simek Foreign relations, national security, international law
Katharine Van Tassel health law, food and drug law, public health law

Political Science

Media contact: Daniel Robison, 216-368-6515, daniel.robison@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Karen Beckwith Gender and politics; women and politics; U.S. political parties and elections; social movements and protest
Justin Buchler U.S. elections; parties; interest groups; Congress and the Presidency
Kathryn Lavelle U.S. foreign economic policy; international organizations, U.S. Congress, International Monetary Fund; World Bank, politics of stock markets, banking policy.
Kelly McMann Comparative politics, democratization, political economy, local politics, political participation, corruption, post-communist politics, Russia, Central Asia.
Elliot Posner International politics of finance, international relations, the European Union, Sub-Saharan Africa and international non-governmental organizations
Joseph White Federal budget—both policy and politics; Social Security and Medicare; health care policy and politics, including "Obamacare;" partisan and ideological divisions in America


Media contact: Daniel Robison, 216-368-6515, daniel.robison@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Amy Przeworski anxiety, parenting, ADHD, hoarding
Alex Rothbaum PTSD origins, treatment
Sandra Russ benefits of play in children - relationship between pretend play, adaptive functioning: creativity, coping, and emotional understanding

Science & Engineering

Media contact: Mike Scott, 216-368-1004, mike.scott@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
Rigoberto Advincula Oil and gas, polymers, plastics, nanotechnology, biomaterial
Mark De Guire Energy and natural gas resources associated with engineered materials
Anthony Jack Scientific perspective on empathy, religion, and ethics; how different political points of view arise from our brain/psychology
Stacy McGaugh Science funding, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, dark matter climate change from a planetary perspective
Patricia Princehouse Science—particularly evolution, the creationism controversy and similar church and state issues, including national and state supreme court cases
Donald Schuele Science and engineering education
Glenn Starkman Physics, particle physics, cosmology
Peter Whiting Earth, environmental, planetary science
Ajiboye “Bolu” Abidemi Brain, brain-computer interface, neuroscience
Sarah Bagby Microbes
Cynthia Beall  Tibet, low-oxygen, high-altitude adaptation
Michael Benard Amphibians, frogs, snakes, herpetologty
Jesse Berezovsky  Experimental condensed matter physics, nanostructures, mathematical nature of music
Daniela Calvetti Mathematical modeling, data science and inverse problems
Jeffrey Capadona Biomaterials, neural interfacing
Harold Connamacher AI, Artificial Intelligence
Kathyrn (Katie) Daltorio Robotics, biomimetics, soft robots
Sarah Diamond Ants and evolution, climate change
Colin Drummond Informatics, patient care
Dominique Durand Neural engineering, computational neuroscience, neural interfacing, epilepsy control
Philip Feng Nanoelectromechanics
Melvyn Goldstein Tibet
Umut Gurkan Nanotechnology 
Ozsoyoglu Gultekin Internet data mining, web mining, bioinformatics
Burcu Gurkan Ionic liquids, CO2 conversion, oxygen in space
Carlos Crespo-Hernandez Light harvesting, energy conversion
Steven Hauck Moon landing, planetary surfaces, planetary core
Cong Huynh Biodegradable polymers
Dan Lacks Static electricity, electrostatic charging
Gregory Lee Robotics
Kiju Lee Robotics, technology-embedded healthcare solutions
Peter McCall Benthic ecology, riverbeds, sediment, environmental law
Anant Madabhushi Artificial Intelligence (AI) and precision medicine
Harsh Mathur Theoretical physics, condensed matter, cosmology
Elizabeth Meckes Chaos theory, randomization, mathematics
Chris Mihos Astronomy, Black Holes, space dust
Christos Papachristou     Internet hardware design
Vikas Prakash     Structural batteries, electric flight
Michael Pollino Steel structures, earthquake engineering
Kurt Rhoads Pollution, algal biofuel, energy from wastewater, environmental engineering
Clare Rimnac Joint replacement, polymers
Julie Renner Ammonia synthesis
Adel Saada Soil science, soil testing
David Schiraldi Flame-retardant materials, polymer aerogels
Donald Schuele Science and engineering education
Alp Sehirlioglu Batteries, energy conversion, energy storage
Anirban Sen Gupta Nanomedicine, biomaterials
Guiseppe Strangi Experimental condensed matter physics
Fumiaki Takahashi Fire science, smoke toxicity
Phil Taylor Theoretical physics
Peter Thomas    Mathematical neuroscience, oscillations, mathematics and communications
James Tien Fire science, combustion
Blanton Tolbert Biochemistry
Dustin Tyler     Neural engineering, neuromimetic prostheses, prosthetics, 
James Van Orman  Planetary cores, solar system
David Wilson Biomedical imaging
Gary Wnek Polymers for regenerative medicine
Xiong (Bill) Yu Smart infrastructure, thermochromic roofing, smart cars
Chris Yuan Batteries, solar energy conversion, lithium ion batteries
Xiangwu Zeng  Earthquakes, offshore wind power, shale gas
Huichin (Judy) Zhang Wastewater treatment, water treatment, pollution
Christopher Zorman Medical microsystems

Social Sciences

Media contact: Colin McEwen, 216-368-4442, colin.mcewen@case.edu

Faculty Name Area of Expertise
David Crampton Child welfare, foster care, homelessness

Adrianne Fletcher

Child welfare, diversity
Dan Flannery Violence prevention and mental health intervention in children and adolescents, crisis intervention, juvenile delinquency
Brian Gran Law and social policy; children's rights and welfare; human rights
Dana Prince LGBTQ issues, transgender issues, oppression and privilege
Rachel Lovell Human trafficking, sexual assault, rape kits
Jane Timmons-Mitchell

Suicide prevention, community-based services for juvenile justice and child welfare involved youth, gun violence prevention

Elizabeth Anthony Early childhood education, health and wellbeing
Mark Chupp Community development, neighborhood revitalization
Claudia Coulton Community development, using technology to inform social policy  
Rob Fischer Poverty, public services, lead poisoning in children, non-profits, community development
Mark Singer Substance abuse, youth violence, community policing, adolescent behavior
Laura Voith Domestic violence (Intimate partner violence); boys and men’s mental health and wellbeing; adverse childhood experiences (trauma); violence prevention and intervention
Jeff Kretschmar Juvenile justice issues