Our Five Tenets

It is the mission of the University Center to provide a client experience conducive to learning; enabling of connections; memorable in its delivery; in a safe, secure and welcoming facility.

With this in mind, the University Center plans to operate under five new tenets:

  1. The first is financial and includes minimizing operational costs and maximizing revenue while still offering great value and savings for our internal constituencies.  
  2. The second is facility stewardship, which includes managing events and reservations to meet all state and federal requirements for health and safety. Additionally, we encourage our clients, residents, guests to support practices which are sustainable and deliver as close to a carbon-neutral experience as possible. We diligently train and implement safety protocols that will ensure experiences which are safe. We maintain all equipment and spaces as best we can within budget and replace what cannot be repaired in a fashion that is consistent with the aesthetic of the building.
  3. The third tenet involves the event experience of clients. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Through coaching and utilizing our facilities and amenities to their best potential, we are able to deliver a convenient and engaging experience. We also strive to provide our residents with visibility, exposure, and access in an easy and engaging fashion. 
  4. The fourth tenet focuses on the development of our event brand – a facility that consistently delivers exceptional events, with a staff of experienced and trusted advisors who can tackle any challenge with vigor and excitement. Our facility is modern, sustainable and clean. We value the convenience of our location, its ease of use and accessibility. We pride ourselves on being adaptive, technological and hosting events that are reproducible year after year.  
  5. Our final tenet is around our team, wherein we utilize a positive performance-driven culture. We recruit and develop talented individuals at all levels. We provide opportunities to gain new skills and we encourage staff to push back on negativity and undermining sub-cultures. We set expectations in concert with each other and we hold each other accountable. Our metrics are challenging, achievable and reflect organizational and university goals.

Looking To The Future

Over the next five years, the University Center will undergo an assessment process and will begin to adapt and update both technology and functional spaces to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, residents, and guests. We will engage our audiences as partners in our success and we will continue to evolve in ways that delight, teach and enlighten.