Policies and Procedures

Policies Governing the Use of the Tinkham Veale University Center*


Case Western Reserve’s Tinkham Veale University Center is: a hub for meeting, dining and learning; a gateway to other destinations on campus; and a crucible for development of life-long friendships and connections. During academic sessions, the center serves the diverse communities of CWRU, with convenient, safe, clean and sustainable meeting spaces, dining experiences and department suites for guests, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and university circle neighbors. When the University is not in academic session, the center provides the same services for a wider external audience. It is the mission of the center to provide an exceptional client experience; to foster an environment conducive to learning and connecting with others; and to provide a facility that is fun, safe, secure and welcoming to the diversity of guests and clients, internal and external. 

CLARIFICATION: The University Center is a separate and unique facility from a student union, and should not be confused with the Thwing Student Center, located next door. While the facilities operate in concert, they possess subtle, but important differences. The University Center is not supported by the student activities fee, and so charges student organizations for ballroom reservations, which are in-turn subsidized by the Undergraduate Student Government for some uses. Small conference room use in the facility is free for student organizations, and for students wishing to study in groups.

Operating Hours:

The TVUC operates on a 24/7 schedule during the academic calendar, and then reduces hours during breaks and holidays.

Regular Hours and Access:

During regular 24/7 operations, the TVUC is open to the general public from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. From 11 p.m. until 7 a.m., the TVUC is accessible to those with an active CWRU identity card and appropriate permissions as afforded to those employed with the university or enrolled as a student. Individual office suites are accessible based on their individual operational and access hours. Inquire with the department for details.

Reduced Hours and Access:

During breaks or major holidays, the TVUC may reduce operational hours. 24/7 access will be reduced to those with an active CWRU identity card and appropriate permissions as afforded to those employed with the university and a resident of the center. The TVUC is under 24/7 video surveillance.

Front Desk:

The front desk is staffed 24/7 with various levels of activity and support:

  • 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. – TVUC staff are available to assist with instructions, guidance, room reservations, ticketing and other services.
  • 11 p.m. – 8 a.m. – Security personnel are available for emergency assistance.

Event Approval:

All event requests will be reviewed by authorized TVUC staff for affiliations and compliance with university, policies, mission and values; as well as space availability. Responses will be provided within 2 working days of receipt of request.


  • The TVUC reserves the right to adjust space assignments without advance notice.
  • The TVUC reserves the right to cancel or terminate a reservation if the event taking place violates the rules of the TVUC, the campus, or is in conflict with the mission and guiding principles of the TVUC and/or Case Western Reserve University.
  • The TVUC prioritizes Internal/University sponsored events over all other types of events, and may reschedule or adjust dates and spaces depending on availability and/or circumstances.  The TVUC will make every possible accommodation to the first scheduled event, but reserves the right to reassign to other equitable space on or off campus.  Wedding receptions and full-facility rentals are typically only scheduled when the university is in limited or closed operational status.
  • TVUC spaces which are reserved or already set-up for a booking, may not be available for walk-up use.  Spaces which are not in use may be reserved for study sessions.
  • The TVUC reserves the right to limit the number of events any one group may hold to ensure the fullest use of the facilities and provide the entire CWRU community the opportunity to use the space.
  • The TVUC maintains a list of approved annual events at CWRU which are given priority scheduling at all times.
  • The TVUC requires a valid ‘speedtype’ for student and internal groups to confirm a space request.  Upon completion of the event, the speedtype may be charge for the facility usage fee (if any) and may be charged for extra applicable services, such as cleaning or damage repair.
  • In an effort to use the TVUC facilities more effectively and to its fullest capacity, we request the all clients notify us immediately if they are not able to use a reserved space.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of booking privileges.
  • Any reservation cancellation due to severe weather (snow, etc) resulting in campus closure or road closures will not incur a cancellation fee.
  • Most spaces in the TVUC can be reserved through the University Center website or in person at the TVUC Information Desk.  If you cannot find an appropriate space, please contact the TVUC Management Office at 216.368.5681 for more information about possibilities. Spaces can be reserved up to 1 year in advance, based on the scheduling processes for the facility.  TVUC 150 – the Student Organization Center can be booked through the Spartan Reservation System or by visiting the Student Activities & Leadership Office TVUC 148.

Safety & Security:

Staff will be available at the front desk from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Security staff will be available in the building at all times. 

The building is monitored by surveillance cameras placed throughout the facility, but not in the private offices or meeting rooms. 

During regular 24/7 operations, the TVUC is open to the general public from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. From 11 p.m. until 7 a.m., the TVUC is accessible to those with an active CWRU identity card and appropriate permissions as afforded to those employed with the university or enrolled as a student. Individual office suites are accessible based on their individual operational and access hours. Inquire with the department for details.


In case of a fire emergency: Evacuate to Thwing Center.

In case of a power-outage: Evacuate to Thwing Center.

In case of a Tornado warning: Enter the basement through the south stairs. Do NOT enter the parking garage.

In any emergency situation, staff and/or emergency personnel will provide instructions which must be followed.

Please refer to the University’s emergency procedure document for the University Center for more detail. 

Building & Interior Architectural Standards:

In keeping with the form and function of the facility, the following guidelines are provided for occupants and residents of the Tinkham Veale University Center:

  • All furnishings, furniture replacements and aesthetic changes to office spaces and the common spaces/meeting rooms/gathering spaces of the facility must be approved by the Director of Planning, Design & Construction prior to ordering or installation.  Failure to do so could lead to item removal.
  • Blinds and window films may be requested and must be approved in appearance and material to be consistent with the facility standards.  Signage for offices and office spaces may be requested for update or change via the TVUC Front Desk and will be provided in a fashion which meets the design aesthetic of the facility.


Because posters/flyers are used extensively by the entire CWRU community, the following guidelines are necessary to allow all events and activities to be advertised in an effective manner and to protect the walls and facilities of the Tinkham Veale University Center. Any posters for student organizations, departmental or administrative offices, or community groups must follow the following guidelines:

  1. No posting/display materials of any sort may be affixed to the walls, doors, windows, blinds, floors or chandeliers of the facility without prior consent by Facility staff. Within reserved meeting/event spaces, event clients are permitted to use low residue tape to cover windows or affix items to the walls/doors. Thumbtacks, push pins, staples, nails and glue may not be used on carpeted, paneled or papered surfaces.
  2. All posters must have a sponsorship listed, and must be approved for use before posting.
  3. No posting is allowed on any glass surfaces, metal door frames, columns, wood, or plaster walls.
  4. All posters must be in good taste and contain no offensive language or threat of violence.
  5. TVUC reserves the right to change these policies as appropriate/necessary.

Table Tents:

  1. TVUC approval is required for placement of table advertisements. Please submit your request online through the Spartan Reservation System.
  2. Approvals will only be granted for events or activities that are sponsored by a recognized University school or department.
  3. Size must be table tent standard 4”w x 6”h.
  4. The name of the sponsoring group must appear on the advertisement.
  5. Table top advertisements will be displayed for a maximum of 5 days.
  6. TVUC will place approved advertisements.

Any organization, department/administrative office or community group that does not follow the above guidelines will be penalized by way of removal of illegally posted materials and the possibility of losing advertising privileges.

Catering Restrictions:

Bon Appetit Catering is the required caterer in all reservable meeting rooms and ballrooms, with the exception of TVUC 150 – the Student Organization Center for student organizations only.  Bringing in external food for an event, or using an unapproved caterer may result in cancellation of reservations, facility privileges, and/or fines. 

Food and Catering - Student Organizations:

All events in the TVUC that involve food must be catered by Bon Appetit. Food from outside vendors will not be permitted unless the event falls within the few exceptions that are defined later in this policy.

Events in the TVUC require the following:

  • Linens for ballrooms or events utilizing Mity-Lite tables.
  • Servers may be required for events that require replenishing of food, or serving of food that must be held at temperature for serve-safe requirements.
  • The space must be left clean.

Bon Appetit has developed a ‘Student Catering Menu’ for TVUC which features significantly reduced pricing.  This menu, which is available online, is for student events only within the meeting rooms of the TVUC. The catering menu is to be administered through normal Bon Appetit Catering booking channels, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

At least 1 week prior to the date of an event in the TVUC that requires food, students must contact Bon Appetit at BAcatering@case.edu, 216-368-4548 to make specific arrangements.

  • A student discounted price off the menu may be negotiable.
  • Using USG Funding Guidelines for reference.
  • Other arrangements (tasting of cultural food) can be negotiated if time permits.

Request for catering cultural events which Bon Appetit may not be able to accommodate, will be submitted to the TVUC General Manager for review and restriction waiver on a case by case basis. Please note that Bon Appetit has capabilities and expertise to provide a range of cultural cuisine that may not appear on the general student-catering menu. Every attempt will be made by Bon Appetitto meet the requested ethnic food request.

Last minute or late night meetings and gatherings of students that do not have an advance, approved reservation and food service arrangement with Bon Appetit, would not be permitted to bring in their own food items, except in the Student Organization Center only.

For events that take place in the Student Organization Center, food can be brought into that area from external vendors with the following stipulations:

  • Food cannot be mass distributed. The amount of food cannot exceed that to be consumed by the maximum occupancy of the room (100 for reception, 64 for seated).
  • The food must be consumed inside the Student Organization Center.
  • Student organizations/or their vendor, must clean up any waste, left-overs and trash. Food may not be stored in the center after an event.
  • Student organizations may be charged a clean-up fee for misuse or failure to clean properly. 
  • Violations of the policy may result in a suspension of use privileges, fines and/or maximum rental fees applied.
  • External vendors may enter the Student Organization Center only during the open access hours of 7 a.m. through 11 p.m. daily, during academic session. Hours may vary for university holidays or vacation periods. Visit the Information Desk for specific dates and times. For security reasons, food delivered outside these hours must be scheduled in advance with TVUC administration. No exceptions.
  • External vendors may not enter the food service areas of the TVUC, or the elevators or basement level.
  • External vendors that misuse the facility or leave a mess may be fined or banned from the facility for a period of time.

Student Organizations wishing to use the Student Organization Center must book the space via the Student Activities & Leadership Office.

Non-Student Organization usage of the Student Organization Center must be booked through the TVUC, and are required to use Bon Appetit catering exclusively. External clients or university departments found to be violating this policy may be subject to a fine, maximum rental fee and a suspension of use privileges in the TVUC.

Student Organizations using the Student Organization Center are required to reset the space and return it to a usable format at the end of their reserved time. 

Food and Distribution Restrictions - For Tabling and Free Distribution:

In order to comply with County Health Department and County Fire Department codes, the following policy was developed:

  1. All food distribution must be scheduled as part of a tabling event and approved prior to operation.
  2. No use of sterno is permitted, except by approved catering services and personnel.
  3. TVUC vendor tables may be reserved and approved through the university center website.
  4. Only shelf stable and cold foods may be distributed. Unless contracted through an approved catering company, food requiring heat for cooking or warming may not be distributed.
  5. Groups distributing food must wear gloves and place food on plates or in boxes. Latex gloves can be obtained at the Front Desk in the TVUC.
  6. TVUC Management reserves the right to halt food distribution if these guidelines are not being followed.

Tabling for Student Organizations:

These policies apply to student organization tabling at the TVUC. There is no charge for these reservations.

Spaces available: Up to 6 (six) tables in the TVUC Commons and corridors

  1. All tabling must be reserved through the University Center website.
  2. Students and student groups may book a table space up to five weekdays per month.
  3. Tables are not booked on holidays.
  4. Please allow at least 3 days for confirmation of table reservation. Because tabling is a popular and well-used service, please plan ahead to guarantee needed dates for reservation.
  5. If you are planning on sponsoring a 3rd party vendor, please follow the policies as put forth by Student Activities and Leadership Programs. These policies include:
    • All vendors must be registered with TVUC/Thwing and adhere to TVUC/Thwing vendor policies.
    • Only CWRU groups are allowed to book tables for vendors. Vendors are not permitted to reserve these tables.
    • Credit card and cell phone vendors are not permitted.
    • If food is being distributed, the TVUC Food Policy must be followed.
    • Tables can be reserved throughout the semester until the Friday before finals.  

Lost and Found:

Lost and found items can be retrieved from the TVUC Information Desk.  Items are held for no longer than 2 weeks.  The TVUC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted within the TVUC.

Dress Code:

Due to the proximity of food service, shoes and shirts must be worn within the TVUC.

Personal Transport:

Roller skates/blades, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards are not permitted within the TVUC.


The TVUC is a smoke/vapor-free facility.  Smoking or vaping is not permitted within or around the building.  Please refer to the university smoking policy for locations where smoking is permitted on campus.

Weapons and Substances:

Possession of illegal substances or firearms, knives and other disclosed weapons are prohibited within the TVUC.

Damage, Theft and Vandalism:

The TVUC is not responsible for damage, theft or vandalism to the sponsoring organization’s personal items.

Hazardous Materials:

Any guests shall not bring any exhibit, equipment, vehicle or other items on the premises of the TVUC that is potentially dangers to persons and/or property.


Any guests hosting gambling/games of chance must submit all necessary licenses and permits form the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the local municipality.


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group to obtain the public performance rights for any public showing of video or films.  It is illegal to conduct a public showing without first obtaining the necessary license for the program.  Without such license, the public showing becomes a copyright infringement and the violators can be prosecuted and held liable for fines, penalties, court costs, and legal fees upwards of $50,000 per abuse.  The copyright laws apply whether you charge admission or not.  There are no distinctions between profit and non-profit groups.  Ownership of an individual video does not give one the right to show it in a public place; it is for home use only.


The TVUC is directly attached via the lower level to the Severance Hall Lot (Lot 29).  Parking rates are listed at the entrance to the garage, off of East Boulevard.  TVUC management can coordinate parking for large events if requested.

Deliveries and Loading Dock:

Deliveries should be scheduled by calling the front desk of the TVUC, with an approximate time of arrival and indication of where the delivery should be held.  Storage in the TVUC is limited and without notification, unscheduled deliveries may be turned away.  Trucks may approach the loading docks from Bellflower Rd.  Semi Tractor-trailers are not accepted. Deliveries may NOT be made to the street-level entrances (North or South).  All deliveries must be made through the loading dock.  Contact the front desk for more information.

Recycling and Waste:

As part of the sustainable features of the TVUC, the center supports a full recycling and waste management initiative.  For more information, please contact see the TVUC recycling/waste policy.


The TVUC maintains a cleaning staff during peak hours of the day and 2 cleaning crew members overnight.  For special assistance or requests, please contact the TVUC Front Desk.

Freiberger Field:

Freiberger Field is scheduled through the athletic department. 

Bicycles, Skateboard, Etc.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, mopeds, cleats are not permitted in the TVUC.  All visitors must be appropriately attired and must wear acceptable foot wear/foot protection.  No hard-wheeled carts, pallet jacks, etc. are permitted in the building except for approved deliveries through the basement.


All contractors or maintenance team members must sign in at the information desk prior to commencing work in the building.


All musically gifted students are welcome and encouraged to use the piano in the building.  Sheet music is provided in the bench seat for use.  However, use of the piano may not interfere with any scheduled events or programs, and performance must cease at the request of staff.  Use of the piano is reduced during exams or the weeks leading up to exams/mid-terms.

Media Wall:

For use of the wall, or for more information on submitting displays, please contact the TVUC Information Desk. 

Glass Walls:

No painting or posting of any kind may take place on any of the glass in the building at any time for any reason.


Banners are approved for use on an individual basis, as appropriate for the individual events taking place.  Long-term banner hanging is not permitted.


Doors of the facility may not be propped or held open for any reason at any time.  Exit paths may not be blocked at any time for any reason.

Access Assistance:

A wheelchair is available for those needing access assistance in moving about the facility.  Please contact the Information Desk for details.  The wheelchairs is available for motility only.  It cannot be used for long-term seating, such as an event or lecture.


For more information on ticketing or for will call please contact the Information Desk.

Green Roof:

The roof of the TVUC is not accessible by the public.  Anyone seen accessing or attempting to access the roof, will be subject to disciplinary action.

The Oval:

The oval is for pedestrian traffic only.  No deliveries are accepted from vehicles approaching from the oval unless specific written authorization has been obtained in advance.  The TVUC is not responsible for any ticketing or policy violations applied to contractors or external guests who park in unapproved areas.

* All Policies and Operating Procedures are provisional until finalized by the TVUC Advisory Committee.