Client Experience

CX Org Chart

As associate vice president for client experience, Miro Humer oversees a team of more than 125 people:

  • B. Fine, Department Assistant

T. Compton-Engle, Director- Client Applications

  • S. Bailey, Service Manager
  • D. Farst, IT Support and Security Mgr.
  • K. Wendt, IT Technician
  • M. Foster, IT Engineer
  • P. Hlavin, Technical Trainer
  • J. Kraft, End User Support Manager
  • Open position: applications developer

T. Compton-Engle, Interim Director, Client Platforms

  • D. Dominish, Enterprise Manager
  • O. Gusho, Applications Developer
  • P. Jarc, Applications Developer
  • G. Risch, IT Engineer
    • B. Govan, IT Engineer
    • J. Cox, IT Engineer
    • S. Waring, IT Engineer
  • T. Seeber, Applications Developer
    • M Vibbert, Applications Developer

J. Cole, IT Engineer

  • D. Kane, IT Technician
  • P. Hay, IT Technician

J. Landers, Assistant Director- IT Service Management

  • R. Pethtel, Project Analyst
  • S. Kusper, Manager, Executive & Deskside Support
  • R, Marcentile, IT Technician 
  • T. Pan, IT Technician
  • A. Senik, IT Technician
  • R. Restifo, IT Technician
  • A. Pfenninger, IT Technician
  • S. Tomer, IT Technician
  • A. Alexander, IT Technician
  • J. Bachmann, IT Technician

E. Connell, Director, IT North Campus

  • M. Olenik, IT Technician
  • S. Fritsche, Business Systems Analyst
  • P. Robertson, Analyst/Programmer
  • K. Mueller, IT Technician
  • A. Ghazy, Dept. Asst.
  • A. Zinni, Business Analyst
  • G. Rybarczyk, IT Engineer
  • C. Roloff, Applications Developer
    • S. Murphy, Applications Developer
    • M. Raska, IT Specialist
    • K. Kramer, Applications Developer
    • Open applications developer position

C. Peoples, Director- Samson Pavilion

  • G. Nichols, IT Support Analyst
  • D. Patel, IT Technician
  • T. Liu, IT Technician

A. Rukovena, Director- Dental Medicine Support

  • R. Mantanowitsch, IT Technician
  • F. Moaven, IT Technician
  • D. Thompson, IT Engineer

D. Pilasky, Executive Director- Medical School Support

  • T. Ligman, Analyst/Programmer
    • T. Reddick, Assistant Server and D/B Administrator

A. Gupta, Analyst/Programmer

  • W. Wang, Analyst/Programmer
  • A. Moyet, Applications Developer
  • D. Williams, Analyst/Programmer
  • F. Shao, Analyst/Programmer

G. Snyder, Manager- Technical Support

  • C. Biddle, IT Technician
  • R. Kosec, Applications Developer
  • K. Sturgis, Department Administrator

K. Iwamasa, Project Director

  • M. Chalkwater, Project Director
  • L. Czeck, Project Director
  • J. Kennedy, Project Analyst
  • J. Petras, Project Analyst

M. Thomas, Director, MediaVision

  • R. Tetzloff, IT Engineer
  • S. Kupchik, IT Engineer
  • M. Comstock, Production Manager
    • M. Becher, Digital Video Specialist
    • D. Berris, Lead Digital Video Specialist
    • S. Pearlman, Digital Video Specialist
    • J. Coker, Asst. Digital Video Specialist
    • B. Weems, Asst. Digital Video Specialist
    • G. Tagliaferri, Video Production Coordinator

D. Bible, Senior AV Technician

  • T. Lynch, AV Technician
  • M. Smith, AV Technician
  • M. DiBlasi, AV Technician

D. Hearn, Sr. AV Technician

  • R. Pesta, AV Technician
  • J. Jamison, AV Technician

V. Guinto, Sr. AV Technician

  • P. Salzgeber, AV Technician
  • S. Plumer, AV Technician
  • M. Slabach, AV Technician

D. Wright, Sr. AV Technician

  • R. Combs, AV Technician

Rimas Biliunas: Interim Director, Digital Transformation

  • M. Panchur, Application Manager, ERP
    • H. Berger, ERP HCM Service Manager
    • J. Lunter, Applications Developer
    • M. Clark, Applications Developer
    • M. Ali, ERP Financials Service Manager
    • T. Grewell, Applications Developer
    • A. Kramar, ERP SIS Manager
    • A. Briskin, Applications Developer
    • C. Zhu, Applications Developer
    • Open position: Applications Developer

E. Novik, Application Manager, Research Administration

  • J. Simpkins, Analyst/Programmer
  • A. Clayborne, Applications Developer
  • L. Howie, Business Process Analyst

J. Hrubik, Application Manager, Customer Relationship Mgt & Advancement Services

  • A. Nosrati, Applications Developer
  • J. Bonanno, Applications Developer
  • M. Jain Lunia, Applications Developer
  • Open position: Applications Developer

Tamer Nagy, Application Manager, ECM

  • K. Romoser, Senior Applications Architect
  • Open position: Applications Developer
  • Open position: Applications Developer

J. Gumpf, Director, Systems Architecture

  • C. Ramey, IT Engineer
  • N. Nassif, Applications Architect
  • K. Reynolds, Director, Data Management, Analytics & Visualization
  • B. Rosen, Applications Developer
  • G. Reynolds, Applications Developer