Box Updates Now Available

There are two updates to Box, the secure data storage service, for CWRU users:

1. Part of [U]Tech’s mission at the university involves providing and improving upon high levels of service to the campus community. The latest enhancement has resulted from working with to increase the individual file size limit for CWRU users to 15Gb, from the previous limit of 5Gb. This change has been implemented, so users should already see their increased limit.

2. Box has notified CWRU that the university’s users of Box applications, in particular

  • Box Drive
  • Box Sync
  • Custom applications

should make sure they have the latest versions installed by Monday, November 12. Support for Box applications and custom applications using TLS (Transport Layer Security, a protocol that enables secure data exchange over a network) 1.0 will end on that day. Users should ensure that Box apps are updated by that date to versions compliant with TLS 1.1+, to avoid experiencing issues with the service.

The following affected Box apps will block any products and services using TLS 1.0:

  • Box Drive—Mac v. 1.6 or earlier; any Windows versions are generally OK for this change, but users should try to update to 1.13.84 or higher
  • Box Sync—any version earlier than 4.0.7900
  • Box for Office—any version earlier than 4.5.1227
  • Box Edit—Box Tools 4.0.X or earlier
  • Box for iPhone/iPad—version 4.3.1 or earlier
  • Box for Android—version 4.14 or earlier

Most users of these Box titles should have been automatically upgraded already, or will be prompted to upgrade upon logging into their machines. In addition, Box has been contacting those who need to update their software with periodic emails from "The Box Team" and subject of "Action required by Nov. 12: Update your Box app."

Users of customized versions of Box applications may need to download and install an upgrade. If you need help determining the version number of any Box software, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk.

Current versions of the Box software listed above, all of which are suitable for use with TLS 1.1+, can be downloaded from the CWRU Box apps page at

For more information, please refer to the FAQ provided by Box. For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve University, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at / 216.368.4357 (HELP) or visit