CIO Sue Workman To Discuss Women Leaders During Upcoming Webinar

VP UTech/CIO Sue Workman will be participating as a panelist for an Internet2 (I2I) webinar on October 12 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. "Women Leaders During a Time of Change: The Impact of the Pandemic Personally and Professionally".

The event will bring together a panel of women from the R&E community to foster a conversation among the panelists around current challenges, including the pandemic, security challenges, the impact of AI, and other topics, with special consideration to the effects on women.

The panelists in this I2I webinar will also discuss their own career paths and how they view the future opportunities for women and historically marginalized groups in IT. Each will provide some advice for the audience as they look back on their own careers and what they have learned along the way. As time permits, the audience will be encouraged to ask questions of the panelists. In a discussion led by Laurie Burns McRobbie, First Lady Emerita and University Fellow at Indiana University, the following panelists will participate:

  • Sue Workman: CIO, Case Western Reserve University
  • Lauren Michael: Research Computing Facilitator, Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jeanne Casares: CIO, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Cindy Leavitt: CIO, Ohio State
  • Dr. Anne Milkovich: CIO, Nevada System of Higher Education

Register for the webinar on the Internet2 website