Enhance Engagement and Gather Insights with Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the form and survey software, offers the Case Western Reserve University community a feature-rich tool. This can be used to poll students, create service requests or gather insights. Qualtrics has survey templates, drag-and-drop questions and if-then logic available to meet your survey needs.

New design coming

At the end of March, Qualtrics is updating its software to provide an "experience-first" design, with updates to the Survey Editor and project creation dashboard. See a sneak peak of these changes by visiting the Qualtrics website.

Avoid spam filters

When creating a Qualtrics survey, set the "From:" email address to NetworkID@surveys.case.edu (e.g. abc123@surveys.case.edu). This ensures any emails sent from Qualtrics (invitations, survey responses, etc.) are delivered to the user’s inbox, avoiding the spam filters. Learn more at the University Technology Qualtrics page.

Get help

For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve University, contact the University Technology Service Desk a help@case.edu 216.368.HELP (4357) or visit help.case.edu.