Google Sites to be Migrated to New Google Sites Platform Sept. 1

Google recently announced that all active Google sites will need to move to the New Google Sites platform by September 1. New site creation already uses the New Google Sites interface.

On September 1, 2021, all existing active sites in Classic Google Sites will be automatically migrated to New Google Sites platform. All existing inactive sites will be automatically archived. You can also choose to migrate your existing sites yourself at any time prior to September 1. Learn more about the differences between Classic and New Google Sites in Google’s documentation.

About the migration process:

  • Only a site owner has the ability to migrate a site.
  • Each new site will only allow one single owner; the owner migrating the site becomes the site owner, and all other previous co-owners will become editors.
  • Attached files will be moved into the Google Drive of the owner initiating the migration and the formerly attached files will change to links to the file in Google Drive.
  • List pages will be converted to an embedded Google Sheet, and the Sheet is stored in the owner’s Google Drive.
  • Comments from Classic Sites are removed, and currently there is no equivalent for comments in the New Google Sites. Google recommends using a third-party service if you need this functionality. During the migration process you will lose all existing comments.

Read more about the technical aspects of the migration.

The conversion tool will let you know of any issues before completing the migration. The tool only copies sites and is non-destructive, and will give you a link to preview the site before completing the migration. You can find out more about the migration process through Google’s support documents.

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