Securing The Human Training

You are a target. Image courtesy of the SANS Institute
The SANS Institute

With the increase of remote work comes an inherent increase in technology usage, to facilitate communications and functions required to complete tasks and projects.

The use of technology comes with risks of misuse as well, which include possible insecure configurations and confidential information sharing. Attackers are very aware of this, and they work hard to exploit vulnerabilities in our systems and in our knowledge of how our systems work.

To help us increase our knowledge of these vulnerabilities and threats, Case will be issuing training via Securing The Human.

Securing The Human is a cybersecurity awareness training system provided by the SANS institute. In order to strengthen our security posture, Case will be sending out Secure The Human invitations via email.

Please be on the lookout for further communication about Securing The Human. Once you have received communication about this, please be sure to complete your Securing The Human training by the end of July.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Information Security Office at