Several UTech Systems Unavailable November 17-18

Several UTech services will be unavailable between 11:45 PM on Sunday, November 17 and 4:00 AM on Monday, November 18 due to an upgrade of an underlying storage system. Also unavailable during that time will be file shares on the storage system.

  • ERP File Transfers
    • Windstar and byRequest
  • File shares on the storage system (Mapped to \\, \\, \\
  • OnBase
  • School of Dental Medicine services
    • AStar Pro, axiUm, GSD, INFINITT PACS (Digital X-Rays)

Due to changes made in 2016-17 when the existing Network Attached Storage (NAS) service was implemented, most users will not have to make any changes in order to access their shares after this upgrade, however some users will be required to change drive mappings or shortcuts used to access their files on the NAS service.

Users who access their file shares via the path \\\[EXAMPLE_PATH] will not be required to make any changes. It is suggested that those users log off of their computers and shut them down the evening before the migration process Sunday, November 17, 2019 at midnight, but that is not required.

Users who access their file shares via the path \\\[SHARE_NAME] will be required to change that path (usually by removing and replacing a drive mapping (Windows) or shortcut (Mac OS X or some cases with Windows). The new path will be \\\[SHARE_NAME] This change must be made after the NAS upgrade process is completed on Monday, November 18, 2019 (expected to be completed by 4:00am).

For Windows users, the desktop window for "Computer" (Windows 7) or "This Computer" (Windows 8.x/10) will show the share path in the most views (e.g. "List", "Details", "Tiles", "Large Icons", etc.) but the path may be cut off in the Medium or Small Icons views. As long as you do not see any references to "", no changes will be necessary.

Mac OS X users can see the full path by clicking on the icon of a shared drive and selecting "Get Info" in the Finder's File menu. If the "Server" entry starts with "\\", no further action is necessary. Windows users who need to change their drive mappings should follow these directions. NOTE: Windows users who have "Managed desktops" (either a full desktop/laptop PC or a "thin client" connected to a Virtual Desktop) should not need to make changes in either case - the system managers for those systems will be responsible.

For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve University, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at / 216.368.HELP (4357) or visit