Upcoming Dual Delivery Summer Camp

Summer camp is in session! UTech’s Teaching and Learning Technologies, in collaboration with UCITE, will be offering a 6-week Dual Delivery Summer Camp starting June 1. Join us for a summer of discovery, community, and fun as we prepare for dual delivery in the Fall. Campers will attend two live meetings per week, Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:00 PM, during which TLT + UCITE camp counselors will help you think through particular aspects of teaching in a dual delivery format and apply strategies and ideas to your own course. The counselors are committed to building a supportive Camp community of faculty and staff committed to preparing for the fall semester. We can support and learn from each other along the way. Can’t attend every meeting? No problem! Campers will have the opportunity to engage in asynchronous camp activities and share what they’re learning throughout the 6 week camp. Camp Counselors will help navigate the trail toward dual delivery and provide feedback as participants plan and design their Fall courses.

After the Closing Campfire, campers will have

  • A revised dual-delivery syllabus to share with their Fall 2020 students
  • A course design and plan for dual delivery
  • Two complete modules that can be used when their course is offered in the Fall
  • A supportive community of fellow campers and counselors
  • Digital badges to denote successful completion of camp activities

Interested in registering for a summer of learning and fun? You can request more camp info by filling out this form!