Zoom Updates Alternative Host and Co-Host Functionality

When creating or editing Zoom meetings through the web portal, you are able to add alternative hosts to the event. Since every Zoom meeting requires a host, an alternative host is assigned the role of host when the creator of the meeting is unable to attend.

Recently, Zoom updated the behavior for the alternative host assignment. In the event an alternative host joins before the meeting creator, they will only be assigned host until the creator joins. At that time, the alternative host status will automatically change to co-host. This ensures the creator maintains control of the meeting.

Previously, if an alternative host joined a meeting before the creator, they were assigned the host role while the meeting creator was given the co-host role.

The alternative host function is a great feature for recurring events, including classes or staff meetings. By adding a TA or colleague as an alternative host, classes or meetings can be held without interruption. Multiple people may be added as an alternative host.

Learn more about alternative hosts on the Zoom website.

Co-hosts now have the same breakout room controls as a meeting host. This includes opening and closing rooms, as well as assigning and moving participants. The host continues to be the only one who may pre-assign breakout rooms and see requests for help from within breakout rooms.

Learn more about managing breakout rooms on the Zoom website.

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