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Learn more about the move from Blackboard to Canvas!

‌Canvas has been chosen to replace Blackboard as the university's main Learning Management System. Beginning in Fall 2017, all courses must be taught using Canvas. Blackboard will remain available through June 2018 for archival purposes.
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Saving Your Blackboard Content

As we move closer to the decommissioning of Blackboard in June 2018, it's time to start pulling any necessary materials out of Blackboard that you may need in the future.

Guide for Students

Guide for Instructors

Moving Blackboard Course Content to Canvas

If you decide to move your content from Blackboard to Canvas, you have a few choices to make. You can either manually move your content, use the automatic Canvas Wizard tool, or start a new Canvas course from scratch.

Moving course content includes the following Blackboard items: items, files, discussion board prompts, grade column headers, assignments, quizzes, and announcements. This does not include any user accounts, submissions, or grade data. More information on how to save that information is below.

 When do I use this?LimitationsNext Steps
Manual Import If you want to use existing Blackboard content in your current Canvas course. Requires some technical knowledge (ability to save file and locate on your computer); doesn't work with Safari. Check out our tutorial guide and video explaining how to manually move content from Blackboard to Canvas.
Automatic Import If you want a backup of a Blackboard course you're not currently teaching in Canvas. Requires a second step in order to use copied content in a current Canvas course. Learn more about the automatic import tool with our tutorial guide and video.
Start from Scratch If you had a very complex file structure in Blackboard, want to start in Canvas with a clean slate, or never used Blackboard.  Requires you to have materials ready to add to Canvas already saved on your computer.  If you'd like to start from scratch, you may find it helpful to learn more about downloading the Content Collection from your Blackboard course. Once you have your materials, learn more about getting started with building in Canvas.

Saving Blackboard User Data

If you would like user grades or submissions such as discussion posts or assignment files from Blackboard, you will need to manually make a copy of these items. Because of the sensitive nature of many of these items, we recommend storing them in your free Box account. More information about Box is available at


We have several guides detailing how to best download and store user data from Blackboard.


Check out our information on how to download your assignment submissions from Blackboard. is available here.