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What's New in Canvas

What's New in Canvas

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Recent Changes

As a cloud-based platform, Canvas maintains an agile production cycle and provides the product with bug fixes, enhancements, and new features every three weeks. Take a look here for the most important updates and changes that were recently made to Canvas.

Course Grading Schemes

January 16 - As requested by several faculty, Canvas now offers CWRU-specific grading schemes. Learn more with the Canvas Guide for applying a grading scheme to your course.

Ranges in Rubrics

October 16 - Rubrics now allow you to use point ranges when accessing students. Check out the Canvas Guide for Rubrics to learn more.

Turnitin & Canvas

August 17 - Turnitin is now available for plagiarism detection in Canvas! We have a bunch of great resources available online that describe the great features that Turnitin brings to Canvas.

LTI Updates

August 7 - McGraw-Hill Connect and Cengage integrations have been removed from the global Canvas account, and will instead need to be configured in each individual course. If you are using either of these LTIs in your Canvas course, please send a message to so we can help get things set-up.

New Icons and Default Font Size

July 15 - Canvas has updated icons across the system and has increased the default font size to improve accessibility and legibility.

Duplicate Pages & Assignments

July 15 - Both pages and assignments can now be easily duplicated, saving you time when setting-up your course!

Google Apps LTI

May 16 - A deeper integration with Google Apps makes pulling cloud content into Canvas a breeze!

Course Cards Color Overlay 

May 16 - Easily toggle the visibility of color overlays on course cards with images.

Student Context Cards

March 17Context cards let instructors see a student's performance in a course, send a message to the student, or view the student's grades-- all with one click!

New +People Interface

February 18 - The interface for adding people to a course has been updated.

Known Issues

On occasion, there are small bugs that impact how users interact with Canvas. The TLT team has put together a list of bugs we believe may impact CWRU users. Take a look here at the known issues list.