LastPass Password Management Software

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Passwords keep essential information locked away, but many people treat passwords much too casually. They make their passwords too easy to guess, and nearly 60% mostly or always use the same one for multiple sites, to avoid coming up with or remembering different passwords. LastPass password management software, now available for all CWRU users, does all the remembering for LastPass account holders!


To sign up for LastPass, fill out a brief registration form to receive an invitation sent to your CWRU email. Please refer to the LastPass installation guide for instructions on starting up and linking to Duo Security.


A master passphrase may be used with LastPass instead of a password. A passphrase is often easier to remember than a password, and it’s all a user has to remember.

It’s simply a phrase or sentence, preferably something personal that can be easily remembered, instead of a word or random string of characters. The only rules are it should be easy to remember and not a copy of the user’s email address, with a minimum length of 16 characters. Spaces are permitted.

Passphrases are easier to remember and harder to guess or crack than passwords. UTech recommends using a passphrase for LastPass to promote a more secure environment with easier usage.

Master password rules

Do not reuse the master passphrase anywhere else, as it is the master key to unlocking all the other passwords saved in LastPass. Using it anywhere else compromises the safety and integrity of a LastPass account. If a user does try to set the master passphrase as a log-in to any sites saved in LastPass, the software will lock that user out.

Additional notes

More information

Learn more about LastPass at or view an intro video at For any questions about LastPass, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at, (216) 368.HELP (4357) or