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University Technology, [U]Tech has installed and is operating a high performance computing cluster based on Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors. It comprises of GPU nodes for higher end graphics processing, Xeon Phi node for massive parallelization, SMP nodes for intensive memory needs, and compute nodes for general purpose tasks. All cluster nodes run Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the operating system. Initial installation was completed in May 2005 and has grown significantly since.

High Performance Computing is a critical resource for an expanding spectrum of research. It enables investigators to solve large-scale, data intensive, advanced computational problems on topics across the disciplinary fields faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

The details on how to start using HPC cluster, how to run specific applications, how to compile your code, and how to run the cluster jobs are included in this website:

High Performance Computing Cluster at Case Western Reserve University

The cluster is currently available to Case faculty for academic and research purposes. Case faculty members should fill out the online application form. They can also add/delete users in their group. Please contact hpc-support@case.edu with any questions on the account application process.

Please take a look at research that has been done on the cluster in past years. If you use HPCC resources in your research work, we ask that you acknowledge the use of the HPC cluster in your publications and presentations as follows:

"This work made use of the High Performance Computing Resource in the Core Facility for Advanced Research Computing at Case Western Reserve University."

Researchers can participate in the growth of central high performance computing facilities by providing hardware and/or sharing in the software and operational costs. Operation of the facility is guided by usage policies approved by the Advisory Committee on Research Computing. Please contact UTech Research Computing for additional information.

Those with an HPC cluster account and password can view the current status of the cluster here.

To provide CWRU researchers seamless computing environment to run their jobs 24/7 and to accommodate burst traffic, we have investigated other free and commercial resources for you. Please click Other Computing Resources for details.

For information on other related services, please view our Research Computing Brochure.