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Reliable access to data sets is a critical component of the research process. The UTech Research Computing team leverages a highly redundant network attached storage system to offer secure storage solutions for principal investigators. It’s scalable storage and high-speed networking allow researchers across all departments at Case Western Reserve University to securely store and access their data.

Faculty members can purchase multiple terabytes of storage space, as needed. And, they can utilize multiple file sharing protocols including Globus, a fast and powerful file transfer service, for moving large files to and from the HPC and other campus systems; collaborating with other research entities has never been easier.

Research Storage originated as a strategic investment on the part of UTech to support high performance computing (HPC), and researchers that have large unstructured datasets. In December 2014, UTech installed the latest iteration of scalable storage and has grown the environment to 2PBs split between UTech controlled data centers. Each installation is configured with multiple 10Gb network links to the campus network, the HPC network, with an additional private network between datacenters for replication purposes. Data is protected using a RAID-6 configuration and offers very high fault- and drive-failure tolerance. In addition to RAID protection, all storage volumes are replicated to our secondary data center and uses snapshot technology for file level protection.

Interested in learning more about research storage? For additional information, please contact the UTech Research Computing team.