Auriel Benford

Department Assistant
Teaching and Learning Technologies

I am the direct assistant to Tina Oestreich and member of the amazing Teaching and Learning Technologies team in [U]Tech. As the department assistant, I’ve found that this role carries more weight than one would think. Being apart of this small yet impactful team, I’ve been able to join in various projects that have help expand my knowledge of technology and the continuous development of education in our world today. It has been, both, exciting and scary, as I am far from an expert like those around me. But, I’m learning. 

I am a graduate of the GREAT Bethune-Cookman University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in News Editorial. Prior to accepting my role here at CWRU, I worked for the Cleveland Clinic as an Administrative Assistant. 5+ years later, I was ready to venture out into a new world, bringing me to Case in 2018. This world is very different from what I’ve known but the transition has been great!

I enjoy reading, dancing, listening to music/podcasts, singing, and spending time with my daughter. I've been told that I don't look approachable. Please, approach me. I'm nice! : )