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About iTunes U

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iTunes U provides a platform for making content available via Apple products. Anyone with an Apple device can learn from the world's largest collection of free education content, which includes public courses and collections from leading universities, museums and cultural institutions. Instructors can create courses which contain multimedia, discussions, and resources for students to view. iTunes U users can search for classes offered on a variety of topics by a variety of institutions worldwide.

iTunes U is used to host public-facing podcasts and recordings of special events provided on-campus. There are also a handful of free-to-access courses that have been published by various CWRU faculty.

Anyone with an Apple device can access the iTunes U catalog. You can use the iTunes U app on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5.2 or later. You must have an iTunes Store account to download content from the iTunes U Catalog. Mac and Windows users can also view the Catalog by installing iTunes onto their computer.

Instructors can get started creating an iTunes U course on an iPad or Mac. Apple also offers a course guidelines document, which walks through things to consider. Once the course has been created, you will need to request that it be added to CWRU's iTunes U account; send an email to for assistance with this.