Data Warehouse/Business Objects Information

About Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is the central repository for the data that the university's various business systems collect. This includes all data for Student Information Systems (SIS), Financials (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM). The Data Warehouse uses Business Objects to enable users to filter through the aggregated collection of data, select reports of interest and extract those reports as needed.

Benefits of the Data Warehouse

For colleges and departments looking for a way to provide data support to their unit’s daily business operations, the Data Warehouse can be a valuable resource.

Through Business Objects, University personnel can run Data Warehouse reports designed to find information about HR, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid, Census Enrollment Statistics, Med School and Room Resource Scheduling. Among the current data sources are HCM, SIS, PROSAM, and Astra. A project is underway to add Budget data to the data warehouse. The Data Warehouse gives users the ability to run a variety of existing reports from high level to very granular.

Some frequently used reports are:

  • Curriculum by Major
  • Degree Candidates by Plan
  • Enrolled Students with Hrs and GPA
  • Graduate Student Account Data
  • Analysis of Earnings
  • Staff Demographics
  • Resource Space Utilization
  • Financial Aid Monitoring by Year
  • Need Based Aid
  • Enrollment Statistics by Plan

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