eduroam - KBA 89273

CWRU is a member eduroam, a secure, world-wide access service that allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain wireless Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions. The CWRU eduroam network authenticates users using their home institution's network credentials.

Members of the CWRU community can log in to eduroam networks at other institutions using their CWRU Network ID followed by

The eduroam network is for the use of visiting students, staff, faculty and researchers. Members of the CWRU community should use the CaseWireless network while on campus.

NOTE: While continuous use of eduroam isn't recommended for CWRU students, faculty, and staff while they are on the CWRU campus, it is highly recommended that you configure and test your device for eduroam network prior to traveling.

  1. Turn on the wireless network adapter on your laptop/device (if it is not already on). Your steps may vary depending on your machine.     
  2. Open your list of available wireless connections.     
  3. A list of available wireless networks will appear. Locate and select the network named eduroam.
  4. Enter your user name with domain (e.g., and your password.
  5. Your laptop/device will connect to the eduroam network. You may begin using Internet browsers, email clients and other network-dependent services.

If you are not affiliated with an eduroam institution, you may use the CaseGuest wireless network. Because this public network is not encrypted, UTech recommends that you utilize a VPN (virtual private network) client if you need to transmit sensitive data or communications.