PeopleSoft - Canceling a Payment Request


This guide explains how to approve an expense report through Financials.


You can cancel a payment request only if you have not sent it to Accounts Payable.  If it has been sent, please contact Accounts Payable at 368-2560.

  1. From the Main Menu,click the Accounts Payable link.
  2. Click Payments Request link.
  3. Click Cancel Payment Request link
    Screenshot of the Payment Request Cancel screen including the Search Criteria fileds; "Check Request Number", "Check Request Type", "Requested Date", "Requestor Operator ID" and "Short Supplier Name".
  4. On the Payment Request Cancel page, enter the Check Request Number.
  5. Click the Search button
    The Payment request that you like to cancel will appear.
    Screenshot of the payment request entry that has been selected for cancelation.
  6. Click the Cancel button.
    A confirmation will appear
  7. Click the Yes button to confirm. The payment request will cancel.
  8. Click the No button to return to the Cancel Payment Request Screen
    The Cancel Request screen will appear

End of Procedure