PeopleSoft - Submitting a Payment Request – CWRU Student Reimbursements


This demonstrates how to use the Financials Accounts Payable Module in PeopleSoft 9.2.


The following steps below outline how to request a student reimbursement in the Accounts Payable module.

  1. From the Main Menu, click the Accounts Payable link.
  2. Click Payments Request link.
  3. Click Payment Request link.
    Screenshot of PeopleSoft Payment Requests Screen with the word "New" typed into the Check Request Number Field
  4. From the Payment Request screen, click the Add button.
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the words "Please read before completing Payment Request Form" next to the Information and Procedures link highlighted in yellow
  5. On the Payment Request page, click Information and Procedures link. A new window appears with important information about the process. Please read before proceeding.
  6. Once you read the information and return to the screen, click Request Type drop down menu to select the payable expense type.
  7. Click Student Reimbursement.
  8. Enter the student’s ID number in the Student_ID field.
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the Pop Up visible asking the user to confirm that the Student's name and ID are entered correctly
  9. You will receive a message confirming the student’s ID was entered correctly. Click the OK button to proceed. 
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the Student's name and ID added to the Vendor Imformation portion of the form.
    Please Note: All students are available as “vendors” on the Student Reimbursement Payment Request Form.
  10. The student’s name appears. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon in the Address Type field to select student’s address.
  11. In the Return Check To field, select the receipt method:
    • Direct Deposit: Check will be deposited into a bank account on file
    • Hold for Pickup at AP: Student will pick up check at the Accounts Payable office at the Cedar Avenue Service Center
    • Student Pick Up at Cashiers: Student will pick up at Cashier’s Office
    • US Mail to Address Listed: Check will be mailed via US Mail to address on file
  12. Enter the total dollar amount of reimbursement in the Total Amount field.
  13. Enter an appropriate and thorough description of the payment request in the Description of Request field. This is the only description that will appear in departmental reports.
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the "Total Amount", "Return Check To:" and "Description of Request" fields filled out.
  14. The Accounting Distribution group box allows the total dollar amount to be split between speedtypes if necessary.
  15. Enter the appropriate dollar amount in the Amount field.
  16. Enter the appropriate speedtype in the SpeedType field.
  17. Enter the appropriate account number in the Account field. Begin by entering the first two digits of the account (e.g., enter “53” for a non-salary expense). To search for the account number, click on the Magnifying Glass icon to bring up list of possible account codes.
  18. The account description defaults in the Description field based on account code and speedtype code selected.
  19. If an Event Chartfield applies to the reimbursement, enter it in the Event field, or click the Magnifying Glass icon to look up event.
  20. If the total dollar amount is being split between speedtypes, click the + button to add another distribution row where the new amount and speedtype will be entered.‌
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the "Amount", "Speedtype", "Account", "Fund", "Department", "Class" and "Description" fields filled completed in the Accounting Distribution portion of the form along with the Approver's Name, Department, Telephone, Fax and Email Address updated
  21. Enter the name of the approver in the Approver’s Name field.
  22. Enter the appropriate number in the Approver’s Department field, or click the Look up Approvers Department button to locate it in the search field.
  23. Enter the approver’s fax number in the Fax field, if applicable.
  24. Enter the approver’s email address in the Email Address field.
  25. Click the Save button.
    Screenshot of the PeopleSoft Payment Request page with the pop up message "Print this page and attach supporting documentation (25000, 10) After getting your approver's signature, submit the documentation to Accounts Payable (Loc Code 4909) for Final Approval" with an "OK" button beneath the message
  26. You will see the warning page that contains important information on how to submit the payment request. Click the OK button after reading.
  27. Click the Print button.
  28. From the Windows Print dialogue box, click the Print button to print the payment request.

End of Procedure