WebEx Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a CWRU faculty or staff member, navigate to cwru.webex.com and click Log in in the upper right. Students can access WebEx by going to cwru-students.webex.com.

Members of the university community who did not receive a WebEx account automatically can self-register for one at utech-serv2.case.edu/webex.

All CWRU faculty and staff members have access to one gigabyte of storage space for WebEx recordings. CWRU students cannot record meetings with their student account.

The size of the recording will vary based on the attributes of the meeting. Typically, a meeting that does not contain video ranges from 15 to 40 megabytes. A meeting with video could be more than 250 megabytes.

Anyone you invite to your WebEx meeting can attend.

CWRU students, faculty and staff may host meetings that allow attendees to participate using the microphone and speakers built in to their computer (VoIP). CWRU faculty and staff may also add a call-in number to their meeting at no cost to their department.

CWRU faculty and staff may invite up to 1000 participants to a WebEx meeting. CWRU students may invite up to 8 participants to a WebEx meeting hosted with their student account.

Yes, another person with a CWRU WebEx account may schedule a WebEx meeting on your behalf. See Scheduling Meetings for Another User.