Second Life Information

Case Western Reserve University has a prominent presence in the 3-D virtual world of Second Life. Its islands have been carefully constructed to provide teachers, students, researchers, and visitors a variety of learning environments for use in and out of the classroom. CWRU also has its own private Second Life environment, when more privacy is required for a project. Join us to explore the CWRU campus on the ClevelandPlus island in Second Life.

In March 2007, a collaborative of Greater Cleveland-based institutions, individuals, and organizations launched one of the first "cities" in Second Life modeled after a physical city in the early 21st century. Our collaboration, known as ClevelandPlus (formerly known as OneCleveland) seeks to develop a platform for exploration of education, public service, and netizenship, to become a virtual city designed to support exploration of historical Cleveland as well as a community involvement in imagining and building a never-before-seen Greater Cleveland of the future. Located in the virtual world of Second Life, ClevelandPlus has been carefully constructed as a virtual collaboratory designed to provide teachers, students, researchers, health providers, patrons, and visitors with dozens of prebuilt settings for experiments in social interaction in 3-D space. An environment designed for formal and informal, traditional and nontraditional, real and surreal, serious and playful exploration and learning.

What distinguishes ClevelandPlus from other Second Life environments is potential for community partnership, connected to all of our community assets. Cleveland has a unique portfolio of institutional players - not only schools but museums, the library system, digital asset organizations and our healthcare systems.