Getting Started With Second Life

1. Join the Second Life membership

(Getting Started PDF )

Go to Click on the large button that says “Free Membership, Join Now.” You will be directed to a screen where you choose your avatar’s name (you will have to select from a list of last names. Follow the steps to create your account and password. System requirement can be found at

2. Download the Second Life Application

After you have created your account, you will be prompted to download the program. To download the Second Life application, please click here. It is free!!

3. Create an avatar

When you first run the program from your computer, you will be prompted to enter your avatar's name (NOT your real-life name) and your password. Your avatar's name was setup when you joined the Second Life membership.

4. Orientation Island

After login to Second Life, you will be at the opening to “Orientation Island.” It’s a really good idea to go through the Orientation Island guide. The guide is simple and appears automatically on the left hand side of your screen. There are four areas on the island to visit and develop the skills needed in Second Life:

Orientation Island Graphic
  • Move - basic movement skills and allows you to practice not bumping into things. You will also learn how to drive a vehicle and to fly.
  • Appearance - change your appearance and buy clothes.
  • Search - gives you practice using the search function in
  • Second Life - very important if you want to find out about people, places and events.
  • Communicate - practice the all-important skill of chatting.

While it may be tempting to skip this stuff entirely, but going through Orientation Island will greatly accelerate your participation on the main land. If you simply must get onto the main land immediately then there is a sign on Orientation Island right where you first came on. If you click on this sign it will let you go to the main land to an area called Help Island. Here you can pick up all sorts of free goodies --- from shoes to houses.

5. Join the ClevelandPlus Group

Second Life- Search Groups

Once you have gone through Orientation Island, come to the ClevelandPlus sim. To do this, join the Group called ClevelandPlus by going to the Edit menu and choosing Groups. The Group dialog box opens. To join ClevelandPlus you need to click on the blue search button. The search dialog box appears and you type in ClevelandPlus (one word) then click Search. Click on ClevelandPlus and its information box opens. Now you should be able to join the group. The membership is free!

6. Visiting the Case Campus on Second Life

Once you have been joined to the 'ClevelandPlus" group, click on the Map button at the bottom of the screen. When the Map dialog box opens just type in ClevelandPlus in the Group section and click search. Choose the sim called ClevelandPlus (without any Roman numerals). From here you can teleport to the ClevelandPlus sim. Once you are there it would be best to create a landmark that will become part of your inventory.