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About CWRU wireless networks


Secure, authenticated network accessible on campus using a CWRU Network ID and password.

CaseWireless is a secure wireless network. Data sent and received over the network is protected from malicious threats by encryption technology. Users with a valid CWRU Network ID and password can access CaseWireless.

The CaseWireless network allows users to reach services that are specifically reserved for the CWRU community, such as the Software Center and Kelvin Smith Library databases.

If you need assistance connecting to CaseWireless, please visit the CaseWireless Instructions page.


Non-secure, public network accessible on campus without needing a username and password.

CaseGuest is a public wireless network. No username or password is required for access. Anyone within signal range can use it.

Because the CaseGuest network is designed to be unrestricted and accessible to all campus visitors, data processed on this network may be vulnerable to threat intrusion. Guests who need to access sensitive information are encouraged to secure their communications using a commercial Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) client is available at for CWRU students, faculty and staff only. The Cisco® AnyConnect™ VPN client provides 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and is available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

eudroam (education roaming)

Secure, authenticated worldwide network accessible at participating institutions using a CWRU Network ID and password.

eduroam ( is a secure wireless network hosted by an international group of research and educational institutions for the purpose of providing students, faculty, staff and researchers with Internet connectivity when visiting participating institutions.

The eduroam network provides visitors from other universities with the ability to access a secure wireless network using their own log in credentials rather than having to obtain a local network ID and password. CWRU is a member of the eduroam organization and students, faculty and staff can access eduroam using their CWRU network ID and password whenever visiting an eduroam location.