Wireless Network - KBA 79080

Case Western Reserve wireless networks cover more than five square miles in and around campus and the University Circle area. The three CWRU wireless networks are:

  • CaseWireless: A secure network for use by people with CWRU Network IDs.
  • CaseGuest: A public network that anyone can use.
  • eduroam: A secure network for visitors whose own institutions are part of the eduroam collaboration.

CaseWireless Secure Wireless Network

CaseWireless is a secure wireless network, meaning that the data (e.g., email messages, webpages, etc.) it sends and receives is protected from individuals and programs that want to steal information or do harm. Only individuals with a CWRU Network ID can use it. Using the CaseWireless network also lets you reach resources that are reserved for the CWRU community, such as the Software Center and library databases.

To use CaseWireless, turn on the wireless connection on your laptop or mobile device and select CaseWireless from the list of available wireless networks. You will be prompted to enter your CWRU Network ID and password for access. You may also be prompted to accept one or two encryption certificates.

CaseGuest Public Wireless Network

CaseGuest is a public wireless network, meaning that there is no username or password required to use it. Anyone can use it on or off campus if they can get its signal. Because this network is public, it is possible for individuals and programs with bad intentions to spy on the data that you send over the network (e.g., emails, webpages, etc.). For this reason, it is a good idea to use a virtual private network (VPN) program if you are going to do anything that involves viewing or entering sensitive personal or institutional data. A VPN will encrypt data that is sent and received to your computer or mobile device so that it can’t be seen by “spies.” Members of the CWRU community have access to a free VPN program at vpnsetup.case.edu. Visitors to campus should consider using a VPN program provided by their employer or one that is available through a retail outlet. Visitors from institutions that use eduroam can use the secure eduroam wireless network (see below).

eduroam Secure Wireless Network

CWRU belongs to eduroam (education roaming), a world-wide group of research and educational institutions that hosts a secure wireless network for visiting students, staff, faculty and researchers. The eduroam wireless network gives visitors from other eduroam institutions the ability to log in to the CWRU eduroam network with the usernames that they use on their own campuses. This arrangement alleviates the need for visitors to request and wait for a CWRU Network ID. In turn, members of the CWRU community will be able to log in to the eduroam networks at other participating institutions with their Network IDs and passwords.