Zoom In-Meeting Security

Hosts and co-hosts can control the level of interaction with the participants while the meeting is in progress. From muting participants to allowing screen sharing to locking the meeting, all are available options. To take advantage of these, ensure your Zoom client is up to date.

Mute All Participants

Select "Participants" from the control bar. Click "Mute All" from the bottom . A dialogue box will confirm this action. There is also a checkbox asking "Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves". Muting everyone applies to all participants, regardless of role. However if the "Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves" is unchecked, this will apply only to participants, not the host or co-hosts. Host and co-hosts can still control their own microphones. To mute individual participants, in the Participants list mouse over that user and select "Mute".

Zoom participant list menu items, highlighting muting

Screen Sharing

By default, only the host and co-hosts can share their devices. To change this on the desktop app the host or co-host selects the "Security" button on the Control Bar. Under "Allow Participants to:" check "Share Screen". On the mobile app, select "More" from the control bar, then "Meeting Settings". Under the section titled "Allow Participants to:" select "Share Screen" so the slider appears green.

Zoom security button menu items

Enable Waiting Room

Also in the "Security" area a host can implement a waiting room during the meeting. The host and co-hosts are alerted when a new person is in the waiting room, wanting to join. To admit others, select "Participants" and either allow a specific individual in or click on "Admit all" to allow everyone in the waiting room into the event.

Lock the Meeting

A meeting can be locked, preventing new participants from joining. The host and co-host have the ability to change this setting. When others try to join, they will be notified that the meeting is locked. The meeting needs to be unlocked before additional participants can join. The host is not notified if someone attempts and fails to join a locked meeting.

Remove a Participant

If necessary a participant can be removed from the meeting by the host or co-hosts. This is done by selecting "Participants", then either clicking on the user's name or selecting "More". Now select "Remove". Once removed the participant cannot rejoin the meeting. If it is a recurring event, the participant can join the next time the meeting is held. To remove a co-host the host must first revoke the co-host role and then remove the user.

Report a Participant

A host may report a participant to Zoom's Trust and Safety team regarding any misuse of the service. To do this the host can click on the "Security" button on the Control Bar and select "Report..." A dialogue box will appear to allow you to select the user's name and the reason for the report.

Form for reporting a participant in a Zoom meeting due to misuse.