Accessing CWRU Services from Outside the US

Are you having trouble accessing CWRU services, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Zoom from outside of the United States? Try these steps:

  • Connect to CWRU's VPN service first. VPN secures your connection and connects your computer to the CWRU network. To install and configure VPN, go to FortiClient VPN page.
  • If you still cannot sign into the service, try using MyApps, a virtual computer
    1. Use this guide to install the Citrix Receiver/Citrix Workspace app on your computer
    2. Open Citrix Workspace app on your computer
    3. Sign in with your University username and password
    4. Click the "Desktops" tab
    5. Click on the "CWRU Desktop" to open it. You will be logged into a virtual Windows computer.
    6. Access the CWRU service (Google, Zoom, Microsoft, etc.) from the virtual computer

Troubleshooting Zoom

  • If you are using the Zoom website, be sure to go to, not or the country specific Zoom URL.
  • Download the US version of the Zoom application at If you get redirected away from the US site, try connecting to VPN first (see above) and then go to
  • If you have the US version of Zoom installed, update to the latest version by click on the profile icon in the upper right and select "Check for Updates" or follow these instructions.
  • After installing the US version of the Zoom application, when you are prompted to log in select "Sign In with SSO". If prompted for a domain, enter "cwru" or your CWRU email address (e.g. then sign in with your university Network ID (e.g. abc123) and passphrase.