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December 2016

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Research Computing Newsletter - December 2016


Spring Workshop Opportunities
RCCI is proud to announce opportunities for learning about High Performance Computing (HPC) and other topics related to research computing and cyberinfrastructure. Our first seminar in January is titled “Exploring Linux,” and will be an introduction to getting started with Linux and HPC. More details will be coming shortly regarding our upcoming seminar and workshops including various XSEDE workshops that RCCI plans to host. 

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Sanjaya Gajurel, Ph.D. - Computational Scientist

Dr. Sanjaya Gajurel is RCCI’s computational scientist specializing in high performance computing operations and the development scientific methods optimized for HPC. His research interests are, but not limited to, Directional Antenna Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Clustering, COTS Design, High Performance Computing, Smart Grid, NP-Complete problems and Visualization. 

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Sanjaya completed his B.S. in electrical engineering at Malavia National Institute of Technology (MNIT) in Jaipur, India. Upon completion, he moved to the United States in August 2000 and finished his M.S. in computer engineering at University of Bridgeport (UB) in Connecticut. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Prior to RCCI, he worked as a visiting professor at UB, Director of Engineering at Bluetronix Inc and as Postdoctoral Fellow at CWRU. 

Sanjaya has published in several conference and academic journals on Mobile Ad Hoc Routing, Swarm Intelligence and Location Services and NP-Complete problems. He was also recently featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for his accomplishments.

As part of our staff highlights series, Sanjaya spoke to us and answered a few questions about his journey to CWRU and his passion for working with researchers. 

Q:  How did your journey bring you to CWRU?

A: I graduated from CWRU in 2008 with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. Allured by its plethora of research opportunities, I wanted to continue working at my alma mater which is one of the world’s top-ranked research institutes. I came back to CWRU as a postdoc fellow after the completion of my tenure as a visiting faculty at University of Bridgeport. 

Q: What excites you about your job?

A:  To be able to provide computational support to renowned researchers through our supercomputing facility is very exciting, especially, knowing its contributions to mankind. While supporting such cutting-edge research, I encounter new challenges every day. This is like expecting good surprises each morning while heading to work. 

Q: How do you collaborate with researchers across campus?

A: CWRU researchers are aware that RCCI can provide direct or indirect engagement in their research projects and funding proposals. Sometimes, they appreciate the support after the resolution of their computational issues while running their jobs on RedCat - our HPC cluster. They want me to engage in their research work. I also personally contact researchers and visit them to know more about their research projects, recommend better options to tackle their intriguing problems and keep them abreast of latest technologies at hand. 

Q: What technologies are important to you?

A: The cutting-edge technologies, especially in supercomputing and data science, excite me. It is very satisfying to see unsolved problems being worked out with the adoption of newer technology. For an example, the job which required about 1TB of memory in a single computer ran much faster after the acquisition of Shared Memory server having 40 processors. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

A: The best part of Cleveland is that it has all seasons. It offers a medium-paced life with ubiquitous metroparks. Though the city may not be able to boast about well-known gateways and places for outdoor activities, it has decent and affordable ones within 45 minutes of driving distance. It has also become a medical hub with the acclaimed Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, MetroHealth and more. Moreover, national championships are coming to town! Starting from the first place and the second-place finishes in the 2016 NBA Championship and MLB Championship respectively - we are on a roll!

Title: Exploring HPC
Hosted By: Research Computing Team
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Location: Adelbert Hall Toepfer Room

The Research Computing and CyberInfrastructure (RCCI) team will present an exploration of High-Performance Computing by describing the ways that standard computing components (cpus, gpus, memory, disk storage and networking) may be combined at large-scale to perform efficient computations supporting research and decision making. National and regional resources will be described, including the variety of methods to gain access to these systems. Exploration will include a sampling of use cases only achieved or made practical through application of High-Performance Computing methods.

Title: HPC Bootcamp
Hosted By: Research Computing Team
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Location: Adelbert Hall Toepfer Room

Our bootcamp features the following topics:

  • Introduction to HPC: Access, environment, and slurm scheduler
  • Storage options available to users
  • Introduction to the Secure Research Environment 

Lunch will be provided